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OK Go: All Is Not Lost

Ok Go’s videos are known for breaking away from the traditional music video, which is good, but they never really blow my brains out. This one’s different though and puts to practice something that I’ve learned is super important in design: Personalizing.

See it here!

The idea of a browser (Chrome, duh) based music video has already been done by Arcade Fire and they also personalized their vid by using google maps and the address you type in.

However OK GO goes a step further with some clever video typography! You input a phrase before you start the video, and it’s reiterated in foot-type durring the video. They even go a step further and make it so you don’t have to watch some hood running around for five minutes; instead you watch people tumbling in body suits—a far better visual

Put in a clever phrase and send the vid to a friend, or send it to an enemy :)

ps. it should be known that this vid is for japan and you can watch the making of to the right.

pps. note the domain for the vid. clever girl.