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Sveta Dorosheva

I can’t get over the ornate wonders expressed in these hand drawn works that Sveta’s pumping out to us from Israel. There’s so many little things to discover within the clothes, letters, and hair. It took me a while to start this post since I was so busy looking through all the goodies in her work.

The different styles brought together here are makin’ my toes curl in the best best way. The cartoonish figures wrapped in absolutely beautiful wears, plus the way they interact has me screaming, wanting to know so badly what the story is. If, in real life, you saw two naked chicks and one had a little dog chained to her leg… tell me you wouldn’t drop everything to find out what they’re doing. I love that a lot of these trigger my imagination to figure out what’s going on.

and, helllooooo! That hand drawn typography has me at a half chub and I highly encourage everyone to at least experiment with hand drawn type in hopes that maybe, someday, their work will move a man they’ve never met to an inspire driven arousal :)