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Thumbs Up!

I peeped this first a few years ago, but because of our big road trip, it was brought to my attention yet again, and it’s even better the second time around.

Thumbs Up! follows two Korean dudes, David Cho (graffiti artist) and Harry Kim (his nephew) throughout America with no money, accepting rides from passing cars, trains, boats, and even planes. During their trip they hang out with the locals and try to score food and shelter whenever they can. Shredding on their electric guitars and drum kits, and making hitchhiking signs that say “WE TOSS SALADS” and “I HAVE A PUSSY”, these kids have you cracking up the whole journey. My favorite episode has to be the one where Harry Kim makes a dildo phone and a Hulk hand into a giant thumb so that their hand can be seen at night to catch a ride.

Also this seems to be just in time cuz back when I was first into it, there were only 2 seasons, but now there’s a 3rd! Check them out on Vice TV.