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Alison Shurville

Totally digging these cloud prints. If I had one, I would hang it next to one of these dark lovlies by Alison Scarpulla, which we posted about a few months ago. They would contrast beautifully, don’t you think?

The wonderful thing about these prints are that they are SO textural. Alison has done something really great, which is create a versatile pattern that looks like a work of art (besides the fact that it is a work of art). In fact, I could see them working really well as a textile for a cottony fabric on a dress or as curtains. Fuck, they would look so amazing as wallpaper! I wouldn’t be surprised if she excelled in textile design. Man, I wonder what these would look like in color…? It says that they are editions of 10, but I don’t know where you can buy one. They are probably all sold or in galleries or something. Well, Alison, if you read this, take my advice and try your hand at textile design :)