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Herb Lubalin

Thought we’d start this tuesday off with some classic design which, even if you’re already familiar with the work, your eyes will thank you for. (I can’t express enough how small this collection is. Lubalin has done a heap of amazing work, and you’d be wise to extend your research on this man. Huge body of work / AIGA write-up )

At it’s weakest, Lubalin’s typographics and logo work is thought arresting and a slap of a reminder that I have a long way to go before I’m half as good. It looks like he really knew how to make the negative space work and how to get the exact correct ‘color’ for type.

He also really knew how to make an ampersand his bitch and we should all take a minute to appreciate every single one he’s ever touched. (if you have an ampersand tattoo, please do not send us a photo of it) :P

ps. That entire book of Genisis on a page—forget about it. Hugantuan drop cap, nearly microscopic body copy? Too good. I’m all about great contrast in hierarchy; you should’ve seen some of the original designs for BNB.