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Why am I only just now learning about this amazing Brazilian studio? It’s just so good to see some clean clean design (and maybe I’m just a sucker for a sweet grid).

If you don’t like this work, then whevs to you; they’ve won awards! hello! How could you not have a couple awards under your belt with all those grids swimming around in your portfolio? Plus, with a little kiss of Dada in there: forget about it; super yummie.

They do a lot of identity so their site is def worth checking out to see more incorporation of the G-R-I-D

This makes me realize that I haven’t seen a ton of work coming out of South America and I’m sure it’s only because I’m living under a rock; I have to believe that there’s a million beautiful things flying from that place and nesting on the internet. ┬áTime to do my research.

If you’re diggin’ this work, let us know in the comments…