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Andrew B Myers

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to tellin’ you kids why I dig on these pics so well. Maybe it’s because I can’t quite figure out why I like ‘em so much. Actually I can—it’s the colors. It’s the composition. It’s the minimalist content.

These super duper juber desaturated colors dancing with this minimalist subject matter through the night makes these photos seem so gentle. A mother’s touch right on your eyeballs to make away any woes which may have befallen you. A blanket to wrap your naked body while you spend your morning watching netflix because you’re too hung over to do anything else. Or simply a kind word.

That’s what I’m filled with when I look at these and I understand that you’re emotions may not be compelled to mirror my own, but you can’t deny that they must trigger some thought in that head of yours. Be it love or hate, angst or compassion, something’s going on in there.

I find myself not sure how to bring this post to a close so just get yourself over to Andrew’s site and look at more pictures.