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Fabio Governato Interview

Fabio is an amazing photographer who’s roots lie in rocket science. Yeah, he’s a rocket scientist photographer… I know.

Fabio’s photography seems to carry so much weight with it. The images he captures are more than just a photograph, but a story (and if you’ve been reading bnb, you know I pine for work backed with a storyline or concept).

He was nice enough to let us tag along for one of his shoots as well as travel to a secret island for a little interview for us, and for you! It was tons of fun watching Fabio work and Selena even helped him out a bit by being a human light stand in a paddle boat; something all photographers need at some point or another.

Peep the interview and def be sure to check out more of Fabio’s photography on his site and his blog.

ps. peep a pic of Selena and me at the end of the post :)