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Fadzly Mubin

Another great find on the Flickr. Fadzly, from Malaysia has been surprisingly taking photos for only 5 years! Crazy! And, if you have a trained eye, you can see that these are all taken with FILM! Also crazy.

These pictures have something that you don’t see a lot in nature photography and that is a lot of contrast. Everyone is always trying to make everything clear throughout the image. But here, you have these deep, dark silhouettes creating graphic shapes around the composition, causing the detailed areas to just illuminate the photo with rich, painterly colors. Amazing. Speaking of painterly, the first photo I saw of this collection was the parrot on that creamy gray background. I thought it was a painting and it caught me so off guard, I had to look through all 200 pictures on his stream. I suggest you do the same and get inspired to grab your mom’s old 35mm Cannon and take your own. Though you probably don’t live in an amazing place like Malaysia, but you can still give it a shot. Ha ha, get it? SHOT? …

See more beautiful pictures here: