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New Mix For Gettin’ Sexy On

BossnotBoss’s 2nd mix is a little more sensual than our last. The Sexy Mix is good for when words just aren’t enough. When body language is the only way of communicating. As though a simpleĀ caressĀ carries more meaning with it than any recited sonnet ever could.

These are just a few of my favorite tracks to get it on to but I wanna know what some of yours are. Let us all know in the comments

So go off and get off with your favorite other on this sunny sunshine weekend in the park and put in a gyration for BossnotBoss :)

ps. If a little baby child is conceived to this mix and you decided to keep it, it’s initials have to be BNB, and it’s middle name has to be Not. So it is writen, so are the rules of the mix

pps. Yes, that BnB logo is real hair and makeup ;)