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Cheatin’ uh? WordPress Error Message

Some of you might not be able to relate to this…..yet, but anyway:

So there I am, minding my own business just registering a new taxonomy in the BossnotBoss and when I go populate it, WordPress reaches out and slaps me with the least helpful error message in the universe: Cheatin’ uh?

I reacted with the mind of a normal sane person and calmly threw my computer out the window (which wasn’t open at the time). Once I cooled off, I went to glue my computer back together and I used paper mache substitutes for the pieces I couldn’t find. Fired up the internet machine and tried again only find the “Cheatin’ uh?” error seemed to have taken a permanent residence in my WP backend; this is when I thought to myself, “Am I cheating? hmmm.” Ultimately reaching the conclusion that I wasn’t and WordPress was simply on the blob.

After some research I learned that this damn thing is happening all the time all over the place and if it hasn’t happened to you, your WP site is probably really boring.

One solution that seemed to be very popular was that you should only use lower-case letters when registering the name of your taxonomy, but it should be noted that my research shows this error message can happen for a number of reasons which makes it less less less helpful.

I just don’t understand how you could get away with using that as an error message. Why can’t it just say “there’s something fucked on line 84 in awesome.php”, but instead it just accuses you of cheating? Where I come from, such a harsh acusation can get you into trouble and you’d better be sure you’re right before you run around pointing your finger. Shame on you, WordPress. I’ve been nothing but loyal to you. I don’t even look when another, more beautiful CMS walks by.