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Our okay-friend Wyatt sent me to DADU’s tumblr a few days ago and I instantly fell in love with the sketchbooks.

It’s quite an amazing thing, illustrator’s sketchbooks. They are so crazy and weird. I love the fact that none of it ends up being anything. It’s all preliminary bullshit and brain vomit. In fact, in some cases, I like the sketches better than the finished pieces. This would be one of those cases. After I looked through all of the books (all 109 pages, double-sided), I moved on to the commissioned pieces, and I was a bit disappointed. However, the sketches make up for the less-than-interesting finished article-style illustrations. Especially the fashion illustrations. They are exquisite! DADU should really try their hand at fashion design. Or at least textile design. Why do I always end up telling illustrators to go into textile design? Maybe because there are so few amazing fabric prints out there, I’m subconsciously dying for some great textiles. Besides, who better to design textiles than illustrators? I mean most textile designs are done by… well, terrible designers. Okay enough ranting about textiles. Maybe that needs to be a not Boss post… hmm.

So please check out DADU’s sketchbooks and don’t be afraid to look through the commissioned work, it is quite good.