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Ibai Acevedo

Alright now this amazing photographer is brought to you by Spain. They get all the good ones. Ha, just kidding America. No, but seriously.

A year or more ago I actually ran across a sweet cover art for Washed Out with the use of this photographer’s work. Whether it was with his permission or not, I am unsure, but I remembered it right away when I saw that image of the girl falling into the murky, rainbowy pool water. I loved it then and I love it now. Each picture tells such a vibrant story to me. It makes me wish I had been there in that surreal moment of time. Since I am especially into neons right now (I know, a terrible time to be with fall on its way), these really caught my eye for the second time.

The only thing I am confused about–why isn’t this guy more famous?? I mean, I know it’s a lot of Photoshop work in his commercial stuff (and actually he’s done some really cool photo manipulation that you should check out), but you can’t deny this shit is quite brilliant. The colors are just crazy and the compositions and styling merit some sort of awards that I know they hand out like candy in those small countries far far away. I mean, I see stuff way shittier than this in Vogue or W or Vice or whatever your underground magazine preference may be. Anyways, if you agree with me, share a little bit of Ibai’s work with someone you think might fall in love with it the same way I did.

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