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Fleet Foxes: The Shrine / An Argument

This vid just dropped yesterday and t0 say it’s amazingly amazing is an understatement. Are you seeing these colors?! forget about it.

It’s one of those rare times when the audio and the video go so well together that you have to stop everything you’re doing and really soak it in. Then you have to watch it 5 more times to soak it in again. Then watch it 6 more times just because it’s awesome.

There’s so many little things that happen which hint at this great story that’s going on, but nothing blindingly obvious shows up to ruin it (well maybe the story is obvious to you, but I’m still coming up with theories). I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s going on in this masterpiece. Who was that dude that got pushed off the cliff in the beginning? The owner of the beast? Why is he dead? Who’s that dude just chillin inside the beast this whole time playing music? Why are there animal heads on sticks? Did those Tribal dancers put them there? I have so many questions I never want to learn the answer to.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that some genuine stop motion in there? I pray to a thousand lords that it is.

ps. you can find that track off Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues album :)

pps. Yes, Stacey Rozich did the character design; feel free to find you jaw on the floor now, please.

fleet foxes the shrine / an argument