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New King Krule Tracks

These tracks are BOSS, no doubt. That said, I can’t stand this kids ginger voice slopping into my ears. I know you’re all starting to raise your finger at me, but I’m not racist; I had a ginger friend once in junior high, so that settles that matter.

Anyway, I must say that these tracks are helped by his dirty dirty ginger voice. For how much I dislike the voice, I need it to love these songs. Does that make sense? Does it have to? Did I mention this kid’s 17? Do you like paragraphs that end in several questions?

His self Titled EP just dropped this week so I strongly suggest running over to iTunes or your favorite torrent site and grabbing it. I suggest torrents but I don’t condone them. BnB logic is a fickle, fickle thing

ps. I’m also feelin this Metronomy remix :)