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Silver Screen Society

Re-found these guys after our good friend Aaron Bloom (you’ll be hearing about him more in the future here at BNB) contributed a poster design to their site. I love the idea these guys have come up with! They have started an amazing thing by having a monthly featured film where different designers and illustrators interpret their ideas of the movie into a poster or illustration. Some of them are quite fantastic.

It always sort of depresses me however, when I look at posters. I see so much greatness in print, but there is just no money in it. Such a beautiful art, wasting away. I’m really glad that amazing posters are still being created due to us designers that are obsessed with poster design and print that we will create posters for free almost every time we’re asked. I guess that’s something. Keep going guys!

Here are some of the designers/illustrators I pulled: Lauren Fundora, Chris Streger, Andrew Kolb, Aaron Bloom, Aaron Scamihorn, Patrick Burnell, Chelsey Scheffe, Laz Marquez, Chris DeLorenzo.