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Todd Selby x Christine Sun Kim

We own the sound around us. It soothes, troubles, & assures us of the world we live in. There is more emotion in sound than we could ever fathom unless we couldn’t sense it. What is a sensation if you can’t detect it?

Christine Sun Kim doesn’t hear sound but she feels it. Born deaf, she has found a way to harness & express what she cannot grasp. Todd Selby (of The Selby!) showcases Christine’s deaf performance art & sonic experiments in this short but ever so intriguing new film. Definitely worth some of your time on this fine turkey day.

Check out more of Christine’s work here  And check out more Todd Selby here


ps. This post is the first BnB post by our new author, Ana Nelson! Be sure to check out her site to learn about how awesome she is :)

christine sun kim using zoom micchristine sun kim art from soundchristine sun kim in studio being filmed by the selbychristine sun kim sound art