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Lekan Jeyifo

You ought to know by now that these colors are what initially caught my peepers by the collar and started slapping them back n’ forth in a cartoonish style yelling, “LOOK AT ME”, but the detail is what reeled me in quick like when you realize a woman’s laughing at your jokes, even when they’re not funny.

A few of these look like really official charts and diagrams of circuitry maps which is something I’m slowly becoming obsessed on. There’s just something about seeing design work at maximum efficiency that gives me a nice hard-on. It’s so frustrating to hear people think that design is just making things pretty……but that’s a whole other discussion.

Jeyifo has a ton of other work running around on his Behance, but they just don’t arrest me like these ones do, but you should see the rest of his work for yourself and maybe put me in my place.