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This month’s mix is just a bunch of (mostly) newly acquired sounds by some cool kids. I based the feel of it off of Ladytron’s newest album which is super slick with new beautiful melodies and their classic electronic sound. Mostly lyric-less, which I sometimes enjoy because it helps me clear my head and not think about anything, or think about everything. But either way, I hope you enjoy it!

1. Grom by Moss of Aura
2. Quick Canal (w/Laetitia Sadier) by Atlas Sound
3. Magic Spells by Crystal Castles
4. Driverunserver by Kool DJ Dust
5. Aces High by Ladytron
6. Dark Bloom by Pink Playground
7. Disaronno Brain Feed by Betamaxx
8. Daydream by Youth Lagoon
9. Hours by Tycho
10. Puttgarden by The Embassy
11. Soft by Washed Out