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The Whale Story

Originally I wasn’t going to have a post for today, but now at the last possible second, I see this animation and recognize a few of the frames with the whale all tied up and it was driving me mad for about 20 seconds thinking about where’d I’d seen it before, because I knew I hadn’t seen this vid ever. Then I remembered I’d seen it here in Seattle at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. WHAAA

So I wanted to share some sweet sweet local talent with you BossnotBossers. Let this be a lesson to you: if you throw your talent up on a wall in Seattle, I might see it and I might post about it :)

Big shout to Tess Martin and everyone who helped out on this animation!!!

Tracks I’ve Kept on Loop (2011)

A more autobiographical playlist than the ‘best songs released this year’ standard. This is a collection of tracks that, durring this past year, I’ve kept on loop cuz I dig on ‘em so well I almost broke my ear-shovels. Water ear-shovels? i dunno, I dig with ‘em.

There are tracks released this past year along side some older goodies that I’ve discovered as my tastes evolve and mature. The previous sentence might be the most boring sentence I’ve ever written….sorry, BossnotBossers.

capitol hill seattle sled sledding snow snow day post on boss not boss

Seattle Snow days :D

It’s the tiny tiny window of the year when it’s super super cold and it snows!! (as opposed to the rest of this time of year when it’s super super cold and it just rains on your face)

When I was a kid and it would snow, my dad would wake me up at 5am and we’d look out the window and watch cars slide around and bump into other cars… then he would take me out in his car and he’d do 360s in his Honda Civic which absolutely terrified me, but he was just laughing the whole time. Anyway, that started my amazing love for snow and now I can smell the stuff 2 weeks ahead of time and nothing beats that feeling when you wake up and there’s this huge amount of snow on the ground that wasn’t there when you went to bed :)

So this morning I woke to find an amazing amount of snow on the ground, but instead of going out and playing all day, I went to work like a total sucker and after spending most of the day seeing pics of kids sledding and making snow mischief on instagram and facebook, I decided ‘fuck this office shit’, and as I was leaving, my buddy, Clay, hit me up about some sledding on Cap hill (perfect timing)

So here’s some pics I’ve taken while playing in the snow. I was getting a little nervous towards the end of that sledding shoot as ice started forming all over my camera, but she held tough like I knew she would.

ps. if you look real close, you’ll see our boys, Aaron and Clay, going down head first on a purple plastic sled :)

Two Against One

Right when I started watching this animation, I saw this had Anthony F Schepperd written all over it’s smelly face. Anthony was not animating alone though; with Chris Milk was also at his side (I wonder how often he has to hear “…how about a tall glass of you”) while working on the video for this track, off the album, Rome, by Danger Moues & Daniele Luppi with Jack White and Norah Jones laying down some smooth vox.

If you caught our post on Anthony Schepperd, then you also probably noticed his tripped out psychideli soup style as quickly at I did.

(I wanna see) Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I decided to kick my day off with a sweet Front Row session and sift through some trailers and I found a sweet sweet nugget due this March.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about a little sushi restaurant tucked into a japanese subway, but it also happens to be the home of the most amazing sushi on the planet, brought to life by Jiro, who may be one of the most amazing people on the planet. Granted I’ve never met the man, or seen beyond the trailer for this doc, but a man who says he’s still working towards perfection, while others boast how he’s surpassed it……. Jiro never settles and that is BOSS.

As much as I’d like to taste the sushi in my mouth, I still can’t get over how it looks! I love those black plates, the food looks so beautiful on those plates. I think I might just have to do a whole post on those plates just to get it all outta my system.

ps. In the trailer it says that Japan has declaired Jiro a national treasure! I hope that’s all it says on Jiro’s resume, ‘National Treasure’ in 7pt type, courier.

Adventures In Design Podcast

Adventures in design, “possibly the worst design podcast ever” is a new niche podcast about design through the eyes of two poster designers, Mark Brickey of Hero Design Studio and Billy Baumann from Delicious design league.

Within the design community the small gig-poster scene is definitely a powerful and influential force, in part because there is no motive or money behind the work. Mark and Billy wanted to start a podcast to recreate the feeling of hanging out and talking shop with other designers and printmakers after flat-stock (API’s international poster show). They touch on a lot of topics from an interesting perspective with a down to earth tone. Future shows won’t cover just the gig-poster community but include conversations, interviews, and of course funny stories within the world of design and illustration. Rumor has it they’ll have Sonnenzimmer in for an interview within the next few days, Keep your ears peeled?

Check out their Twitter for updates and listen to the podcast over on their site. (If your having trouble listening to the podcast right click the direct download link and ‘save link as’)

Advanced Style

Okay, this is probably old news by now…. (no pun intended!…) but among all the fashion blogs out there, this is the only one you should
really look at, Advanced Style. Roaming the street of New York, creator Ari Seth Cohen has produced
the best street style guide of older ladies and gents with the most
impeccable and meticulous wardrobes.

This is how I imagine myself in my 80s, decked out in jewels and old
fur coats, duh! And all of my widowed friends would be the same (you
too Selena!).

So if you’re looking to learn a thing or two from your elders, here’s
the link!

Oh, and it gets better! There is now a short film based on the blog
and it’s advanced style stars. :)

2011 Mix: Best Albums

Hey kids, here’s your small dose of some of my favorite albums this year. We’ll start off with Austra, givin’ us those crazy vocals and insane beats and end with Washed Out’s warbly, chill sound. Hope this sums up your year just like it has mine.

As for 2012, Bossnotboss looks forward to new changes, new friends, and new experiences. We’re almost ready to start working in our new studio, as it is shaping up to be quite an amazing chill and work zone. Hit us up via the comments or Facebook if you want to kick it in our new space! We are excited to let our friends do some bad-ass printing there with us :)

Happy New Year!

Fabricated vintage Japanese ad characters on boss not boss

Fake Vintage Japanese ad Characters

Don’t you just wanna run up to all these and give ‘em a huge juicy juice hug? Some of these characters, by Juan Molinet, are a little bit too modern for my taste, but whatever, these are still awesome-maximum.

I wish there were more show posters that looked like this. Yeah yeah, I know that show posters have to show a lot of info, but living in Seattle, there are shit fliers everywhere and all the telephone poles look like garbage columns due to poor design, poor photography, poor tape/staple job, poster crowding, remains from posters that’ve been torn down by that old guy who has been going around and doing that…. these simple colorful posters would be like the first time my lips got above the surface of the water in many years.

If you follow @BossnotBoss on instagram, you can probably look forward to some drawing-at-works inspired by these characters :)


Semiconductor is Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. They create a combination of conceptual audio, motion and installation work with lots of science. In their own words they “explore the material nature of our world and how we experience it, questioning our place in the physical universe.”


The atmosphere they create using motion, sound, and physical space is amazing. Their film, 20 Hz, uses radio array data to create sound and visualize a magnetic storm occurring in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Another film, Heliocentric, attempts to visualize the earth moving around the sun by creating a time lapse that is centered on the sun.

Anyway, definitely check out more of their work on their vimeo page and website