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January 2012 boss not boss wallpaper

3 January 2012 Wallpapers!

This month our new contributor, Ana, gets into the wallpaper mix along with Selena and me. Having a BossnotBoss wallpaper fresh off the press has been proven to bring luck and happiness to you for the rest of the month

2011 was pretty BOSS due mostly to the rebirth of BossnotBoss and the awesome launch party that went with it. I’m sure there were a few other things that happened this year, but BnB rising like a Phoenix is the only event worth remembering and making a commemorative plate for (please let us know if you make a BnB plate because I’m trying to get this thing made and the plate factory won’t return my calls).

Ana Nelson’s wallpaper:

Christopher Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss january 2012 wallpaper

Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
selena goodwins 2012 boss not boss january wallpaper

January 2012 boss not boss wallpaperselena goodwin january 2012 wallpaper for boss not boss