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Adventures In Design Podcast

Adventures in design, “possibly the worst design podcast ever” is a new niche podcast about design through the eyes of two poster designers, Mark Brickey of Hero Design Studio and Billy Baumann from Delicious design league.

Within the design community the small gig-poster scene is definitely a powerful and influential force, in part because there is no motive or money behind the work. Mark and Billy wanted to start a podcast to recreate the feeling of hanging out and talking shop with other designers and printmakers after flat-stock (API’s international poster show). They touch on a lot of topics from an interesting perspective with a down to earth tone. Future shows won’t cover just the gig-poster community but include conversations, interviews, and of course funny stories within the world of design and illustration. Rumor has it they’ll have Sonnenzimmer in for an interview within the next few days, Keep your ears peeled?

Check out their Twitter for updates and listen to the podcast over on their site. (If your having trouble listening to the podcast right click the direct download link and ‘save link as’)