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(I wanna see) Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I decided to kick my day off with a sweet Front Row session and sift through some trailers and I found a sweet sweet nugget due this March.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about a little sushi restaurant tucked into a japanese subway, but it also happens to be the home of the most amazing sushi on the planet, brought to life by Jiro, who may be one of the most amazing people on the planet. Granted I’ve never met the man, or seen beyond the trailer for this doc, but a man who says he’s still working towards perfection, while others boast how he’s surpassed it……. Jiro never settles and that is BOSS.

As much as I’d like to taste the sushi in my mouth, I still can’t get over how it looks! I love those black plates, the food looks so beautiful on those plates. I think I might just have to do a whole post on those plates just to get it all outta my system.

ps. In the trailer it says that Japan has declaired Jiro a national treasure! I hope that’s all it says on Jiro’s resume, ‘National Treasure’ in 7pt type, courier.

jiro dreams of sushi boss not boss post