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(I wanna see) Linotype:
The Film

The Linotype looks like one of the craziest and most ambitious machines I’ve ever laid eyes on (after the 234 other machines that exist today and fall into those two categories).

From what I can tell, the damned thing makes metal molds as you type for each line-o-type you type (called a slug). I wonder if you can look around on the ground where newspaper publishers once stood and find slugs much like you could find arrow heads. Although slugs were probably melted down and reused making them extra rare and special. Prob see some hipsters with slugs on a necklace any day now :\

Hit this Wiki to learn more about the machine and hit the film’s site to learn more about the doc and when it’ll be touring to a city near you (see you in Seattle on Mar 7th, fellas!)

boss not boss post about the documentary, Linotype: the film