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Ana, my amazing friend and writer here at BNB, had fantastic tickets to one of our favorite musicians right now, so I thought I’d take a second to share some music (not new, but still very good).

Grimes, you sweet little cutie, sweep my heart with foul tones of poisoned beauty. Seeing is not quite the same as hearing for when Claire Boucher performs alone, on that dark stage, she commands the crowd, even when her tracks get quiet. One of my favorite’s by her is Crystal Ball where she goes from sounding like a nonchalant angel to some weird, cute, startled bird. It’s not only her voice, but her appearance and her gestures that give you a feeling like she is singing either right to you or to the most intriguing person in the world standing right behind you. An amazing example of this is at 1:41 mins in the music video for this track. Gives me shivers! I would love to get an interview with this girl. I asked her after the show, but she was leaving for Portland that night :(

PS. Peep the pic I took from that night at the end of the post! And make sure to buy Darkbloom.