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After the Smoke

I first heard Garcus Marvey, one of the sexiest tracks of the century, and then found this yummie sound cloud playlist w a few more kick-back-yummies for your ears.

Researching After the Smoke turned up the following: they’re from Florida and dig on animated GIFs and sexy women. Going back and listening to ‘em after learning this, I can really hear those three things come through in their tracks. Oh, and they’re also in Billboard’s 2012 Battle of the Bands.

So grab that special someone (or just someone) and get heels to jesus by the window while crankin’ these tracks and make your neighbors jealous*.

*I suppose this assumes the window you’re infront of is at your place—it could be at a coffee shop, a bar, even a walgreens. Just be sure to do it w some style and, as always, put in a thrust from us :)

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