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my g4 over da sea not boss post on boss not boss


The cover looks like this album sounds.

Psychosis is responsible for My G4 Over Da Sea, which is a mashup of familiar hip hop tracks and the entire Neutral Milk Hotel album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I hate it

I think it went something like this: There’s Psychosis, it’s a late late night and Psy’s drunk hungry. So put a bunch of delicious food in a blender and it comes out lookin all brown and gross like poo and Psy thinks, “I wonder if the same would happen blending yummie yummie music together, then I could put the poo album on the internet.”

Why would you take a whole great album and make it poo?

Over some light googlin’ I was expecting to find similar negative reviews, but it looks like everyone, but me, loves it. Too often I’m reminded that my brain works in some different way than most other people’s, but that’s just how it is and fuck who don’t like it.

If you’re itchin’ for a mashup, hit our post on the Wu-Tang/Fugazi mash :)