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Early Space Race Photos

This month there are 4,500+ rare photographs from the early days of space exploration going up for grabs and down for keeps via auction. They were gathered, over time, by a Europian collector who, I like to imagine, is an extreme hoarder, but instead of stacks of newspapers, his flat is overrun with stacks of amazing old photographs and he/she is selling them out of fear of falling victim of an amazing old photograph avalanch, and spending his/her final moments buried in irony that the passion of collecting amazing photos and making stacks of them has turned against it’s maker. (it would be more funny if they were amazing photographs of avalanches though)

If you lay with me when I go to bed, you know, before I catch Zs, I can easily spend an hour or two combing through science blogs and things of the like. When I came across these pics, my eyes widened like a puppy’s and checked my funds to see if I could swing the estimated $500,000 – $950,000 that these would auction for…. no dice.

How could you not be inspired by the early stages of something monumental? That time of making tons of mistakes and just trying new things because who cares. Makes me feel better when I make mistakes to know I’m still working towards something amazing :)