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Brad Vetter

Last week I was lucky enough to sit in on a talk by Jim Sherraden, the manager and artist at Hatch Show Print out of Tennessee! It was so inspiring hearing him talk about preserving the old methods of printing, I had to do a post.

The main designer at Hatch is Brad Vetter (son of a bitch) who has been lucky enough to work at their shop for the last 9 years, I think. He’s created some pretty amazing posters, either using the hundreds of thousands of wood type blocks they have or carving his own illustrations. Working there so long, he’s gotten to do a lot of experimentation and come up with some amazing designs for great bands. I especially love when he uses solid wood blocks in different shapes to create background textures or graphical elements in the design.

Brad’s also done work for Anthropologie’s catalog! I actually kept mine because the design was so rad.