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Dead Island bloody torso zombie bait edition

Dead Island Bonus Torso

Dead Island Riptide is a game, from Deep Silver, where you’re on a tropical island that’s been over run w zombies. They have a ‘Zombie Bait’ edition coming out and the UK and Australia offices of Deep Silver decided to include (along with a few other goodies) a goddamn flat-back torso! Actually it’s a 12″, hand-painted, gored up, well chested torso.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for having a gnawed up bit of torso on my desk, and I’m also quite partial to breasts finding quarter on my desk, but what Deep Silver (UK & Aus) has going on just has no taste. To me, it’s on the level of a beer advert; people love big ol’ titties, and our product is in the zombie genre so…

It’s supposed to be a “grotesque take on an iconic Roman marble torso sculpture”, but that goal misses the mark. It would’ve been more on target if it were painted to a marble texture and maybe if the game was set in Rome, but it isn’t. The US gets the Rigor Mortis Edition which will come with a hula girl bobble figurine (as well as other goodies)—much more appropriate for the game and also just awesome in it’s subtlety :)

Anyway, my REAL issue with all this is: how did this happen?!?!? My first thought was “how did not one single person stand up and say ‘This is stupid guys!’?”, but I’ve been an in-house designer for a few places (and started enough arguments) and it’s shed some light on how awful awful dreadful awful design makes it’s way into the world—You’ll present your design and talk about why it’s boss and users will dig it, but the higher-up, who knows nothing about design, wants you to change it for reasons based on his/her personal taste (not this this is ALWAYS the case, but…)—and I can only ‘make an ass out of u and me’ that there’s a similar thing going on in other fields. I would be surprised to learn that concerns weren’t expressed, but there’s some dude who’s just starting to get a little too old for the game who says “No, dude; the kids are gonna love it. Who doesn’t love big ol’ titties in a teenie weenie bikini and blood splatter?”. Although it’s possible that maybe nobody stood up and their staff just has no taste whatsoever and all go home to listen to Fun or Gotye.

Deep Silver has since apologized for including a bloody, well-chested, flat-back torso.

Don’t be afraid to be the one to stand up and say you think something awful is happening where you work (no matter how small)! Also back up your claim with solid reasoning or thought out alternatives. And be open to someone telling you that you’re doing something awful. Dumb shit happens all the time wether someone else is doing it or you are. Just be aware, and learn.

PS:: I just gotta vent :: I hate breasts in (some) videogames. All I can think is “have you ever seen real bare breasts in the same room as you?” Game boobies can just tend to look so cartoonish and unnatural, which is maybe the only sort of boobies these devs know.

Dead Island bloody torso zombie bait edition