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Steven Noble

This post is actually categorized under ‘super boss’. Chris and I love love love woodcut illustration, and so does everybody else apparently. If you’ve ever bought alcohol in your life, you’ve seen Steven’s work. His clients range from Coors, Mercedes-Benz, Land’s End, Altoids, and Old Spice. Some of my favorite works of his are for Espolón Tequila and Kraken Rum.

If you look through Steven’s site, you’ll notice a lot of very typical woodcut illustration. However, he really knows how to give character to such a ridiculously old art. When I was researching the package design of these two brands, the agencies who are responsible don’t even mention the illustrator behind the design. These designs wouldn’t be the same without that fantastical look and feel of the woodcut illustrations. Those agencies (Landor and Stranger and Stranger) probably just wanted to take all the credit themselves. Luckily, Steven receives a ton of props on his Behance site. Nice work, dude!