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The Webs

It was a still evening in March, 2012, when my buddy, Clay, invited me to see his friend’s band play at Seattle’s Mars Bar. Going to see my friend’s friend’s band I’d never heard of, I didn’t anticipate much. But then they started to play.

Typically, once a band’s played a track, I’ll clap or shout, depending on what I’m drinking, but The Webs had me frozen in place—paralized. I’d never heard a self-discribed “witch pop goblin slop” band like this. Made of only three Seattle kids, Cory Budden, Mike Walker, and Lilly Morlock; It was clear from that moment on, The Webs and I were soul-mates.

The bone-churning lyrics riding Lilly’s perfectly reigning voice, slathered on an optimistic ride through a night’s sandy beach-forest odyssey. There was nothing I could do to fight off the love of The Webs which would take over that night.

This is no different from any other great love story—The Webs are no longer a band. Now when I listen to them I’m filled with the sadness nastalgia of a summer love brings. They’re gone, but I’ll always remember that night we shared.

PS:: Lilly’s in Weird Bug now. def peep their sound!

The Webs Seattle witch pop goblin slop geniuses