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Equality Sans

Equality Sans is a free “typeface for human rights” developed by Art Director, Caprice Yu, and associate creative director, Steve Peck, who is bathing in awards. Equality Sans is only available in vector format, but the duo is currently looking for help developing an opentype or truetype format.

Just incase you’re not aware: I’m all for equality (sexual preference, race, class, whatever), but when you take a meme and slip some type in the background and act like it’s a great deed while at the same time it looks like a sad student project—I gotta drop a blog rant.

For a couple of creative directors, this is one of the least creative things I’ve seen. When there’s more than one letter at a time (all examples), the message becomes overbearing and looses meaning to the point that when I see it now, it’s just another thing my brain’s been trained to ignore. I thought it was incredible when, on facebook, nearly everyone in my feed had gone out of their way to change their pic to support equality. It was awesome. But Caprice and Steve have just taken a solid message of support and made it into a thing that shouldn’t have been made. Surely they could’ve thought of a stronger, less lazy, project to show support and promote equality.

PS:: that ‘S’ and ‘Y’? You’re killing me.