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Simon Stålenhag

Simon Stalenhag has gotten his hands on a heap of projects and it’s worth your time to check out each one! But even though Simon’s pumping out amazing work in multiple mediums, some solid info on the guy is scarce. So I’ll just do what every other article about him as done and paste-in the one paragraph from his ‘about’ page:

“I’ve been involved with a lot of different projects, ranging from films, commercials and book covers to art directing and concepting for video games. I’m also the second half of Pixeltruss (the other half being Tommy Salomonsson), who recently released the 16-bit platformer Ripple Dot Zero.”

I am a complete sucker for some sweet sweet atmospheric perspective, and when I laid eyes on Simon’s work, my pupils grew to 5x their size–a reaction that used to be more common when I was a fat kid seeing my mom and just brought home hotpockets. Now the pupil-grow is a seldom happening, reserved only for great talent (and chocolate milk). It should also be noted that Simon is an ace with colors and lighting. Everything in the scene is so well captured and works as a cohesive whole; something that can be quite difficult to nail.

Another of Simon’s projects that you’d be a fool to ignore is Pixeltruss! If you know me in real life, then you probably know making video games has been a dream of mine since I was 5, so when I learned Simon’s helping make games I had to check it out……and it’s awesome.

Pixeltruss has two games which you can play right now in your internet window. The first of which isn’t worth mentioning and the second, Ripple Dot Zero, is incredible (if you’re into 16bit era sidescrollers [which you are]). In PixelTruss, Simon does the art and music while Tommy is more of the dev persuasion. Peep the Ripple Dot Zero trailer at the end of the post or skip two minutes into the future and just start playing it here (I bet you can’t find ALL the secret areas :P).