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Nash Turley’s Bug Pics

You might already recognize Nash from the Horse Grinder post or from the Animated Gifs post. Well I’m going to drop another post for you to recognize him from square in your lap.

Something you probably didn’t know about boy genius Nash Turley is that he’s a PhD student of evolutionary ecology at the University of Toronto. On his site,, he says, “My research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of species interactions, usually involving plants and herbivores.” Along with that he’s been taking photos during his research and I think it’s completely boss that Nash has developed this bonus hobby through his studies.

If your mouth isn’t already watering after learning that Nash pursues a solid amount of activities, then you should know he ALSO started a tumblr: Natural History Sketches. He’s populated it w a few drawings of bugs that look to have been drawn by a man who’s half awake from a syphilitic nightmare of itchy nature. I anticipate birds to join the collection as well as a bat probably. :)

Now go see way more of Nash’s photos (many of which are not bugs) on his site and send him a message of love and warmth made comfortable through the wonder of cyber anonymity.