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Noma Bar

Noma Bar was born in Israel in ’73 and his simple illustrations of simple shapes in tandem with negative space are incredible.

He studied graphic design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and has been publish a zillion times in a zillion magazines. The man has even put out two books! I know that a ton of designers have put out books, but it’s still amazing. How many books do you have out? That’s what I thought.

Obviously what makes his work so great is that he’s able to capture so much with so little. Wether that’s capturing a story, a personality, or an idea. I love how his work, while simple and easy to digest, makes you think. What makes his work stand out isn’t what he puts on the page but more what’s triggered in the viewer by what’s on the page (like that whole ‘art happens within the viewer, not on the canvas’). You’re forced to think about it.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that a design shouldn’t make you think (read Don’t Make Me Think. just do it), but in that case of Noma Bar I think it works.

HOWEVER some of his work can be ‘once you’ve seen one you have seen them all’. Just make a head shape and put a reference to that person where the eye should go. It’s very clever the first few times, then it’s gets to be a bit “c’mon, Noma. don’t you have more?”

You should still be going out of your way to check out his work and learn that you don’t have to say much to say a lot.