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Fuckin’ Animated GIFs, Child!

So this past weekend I was chillin’ with boy genius, Nash Turley, and the strikingly handsome, Hamilton Boyce (who, together, make up the super legendary, post metal, thoughtfully political, hyper-punk, extreme duo band: Horse Grinder), and we were blazing around Capitol Hill making animated gifs.

Animated gifs are easily one of the greatest things our forefathers bestowed upon us and, as such, it is our responsibility to make sure we continue to make silly gifs with our friends.

So take a breather and enjoy these gifs. Got some dope gifs you’ve made? we wanna see ‘em :)

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 2.36.56 PM

Steven Noble

This post is actually categorized under ‘super boss’. Chris and I love love love woodcut illustration, and so does everybody else apparently. If you’ve ever bought alcohol in your life, you’ve seen Steven’s work. His clients range from Coors, Mercedes-Benz, Land’s End, Altoids, and Old Spice. Some of my favorite works of his are for Espolón Tequila and Kraken Rum.

If you look through Steven’s site, you’ll notice a lot of very typical woodcut illustration. However, he really knows how to give character to such a ridiculously old art. When I was researching the package design of these two brands, the agencies who are responsible don’t even mention the illustrator behind the design. These designs wouldn’t be the same without that fantastical look and feel of the woodcut illustrations. Those agencies (Landor and Stranger and Stranger) probably just wanted to take all the credit themselves. Luckily, Steven receives a ton of props on his Behance site. Nice work, dude!

The Webs

It was a still evening in March, 2012, when my buddy, Clay, invited me to see his friend’s band play at Seattle’s Mars Bar. Going to see my friend’s friend’s band I’d never heard of, I didn’t anticipate much. But then they started to play.

Typically, once a band’s played a track, I’ll clap or shout, depending on what I’m drinking, but The Webs had me frozen in place—paralized. I’d never heard a self-discribed “witch pop goblin slop” band like this. Made of only three Seattle kids, Cory Budden, Mike Walker, and Lilly Morlock; It was clear from that moment on, The Webs and I were soul-mates.

The bone-churning lyrics riding Lilly’s perfectly reigning voice, slathered on an optimistic ride through a night’s sandy beach-forest odyssey. There was nothing I could do to fight off the love of The Webs which would take over that night.

This is no different from any other great love story—The Webs are no longer a band. Now when I listen to them I’m filled with the sadness nastalgia of a summer love brings. They’re gone, but I’ll always remember that night we shared.

PS:: Lilly’s in Weird Bug now. def peep their sound!

2012 Loops Mix

Finally stopped listening to it long enough to do a post about it. This is a sweet sweet collection of tracks I kept on loop through 2012. Not all the tracks came out in 2012, but they helped get me through the year :)

PS:: for some reason I felt compelled to make an animated GIF w the cover, so here it is; live it up!


Glass Microbiology by Luke Jerram

Artist Luke Jerram has made diseases (and 5ft sperm) out of glass and they’re amazing! I really don’t care for glass art at all in any way. I can see all the work and talent that goes into working with glass and can imagine how difficult it must be, but it just doesn’t grab me by the balls the same way a beautiful typeface might. These diseases, though, have grabed my balls w TWO hands; they’re wondrous!

These diseases are actually smaller than light waves, so presenting them as clear, colorless beasts is actually more accurate. Typically renderings will show these organisms as colored, either by scientists who color them to help with their studies, or colored by media who potentially just color them however they feel like. Which raises the question “how do the way these diseases are colored affect our perception of them?” By displaying diseases in a glass form, “a complex tension has arisen between the artworks’ beauty and what they represent.”

Because they’re more accurate, photos of Luke’s diseases have been used in medical journals textbooks, and we all know making it into books is pretty BOSS.


Buxxxor Vibrators

These are super cute vibrators from, the Italian, Kokoro. Almost makes me wish I was a woman…almost (is that weird to say? yes?). My favorite part is that their little belly button dot is the on/off.

Just when you thought that these ‘too cute sex yummies’ couldn’t get any cuter, they have names! (although not very creative): Clitt, Geena, and Woody respectively.

And if you haven’t seen the JimmyJane vibrators, do. It’s good to see some solid design thought in the sex realm :)


John D Whitlock

John is an artist and designer in New York. His work is so simple and easy to digest, how can you not dig on it. It’s tough to find that nice little area where simple and good meet and get each other a loving embrace, but John found it :)

Be sure to show some love and check out more of his art and his design.

PS:: Peep the solid screen print at the end :)

PPS:: he has a .tv domain and that’s weird to me :/

Chilly Gonzales-SoloPiano II :BTS

Solo Piano II finally came out last year, 8yrs after Chilly’s amazing 2004 Solo Piano. If you like one, you like the other—if you have ears: you like them both.

On Chilly’s site, there’s a short, 3 part, behind the scenes look at the making of Solo Piano II and I am a complete sucker for peeking bts at things that are great!

Take a listen and take a watch, and be a better person:)


Fresh January 2013 Wallpapers

The very first wallpapers of the year always smell the nicest and this batch is no different :)

Last month was a little crazy for Selena and me; she got hired as a design for Nordstrom, and I got offered des/dev jobs from NBC and Microsoft (went with Microsoft after a soul searching montage), but we made sure to make time to build a couple sweet sweet wallpapers for you! Here they are, fresh out of the oven.

Did you guys make any resolutions? If you’re smart you didn’t, because you know the secret to happiness is low low expectations. I guess that’s why I’m so happy dating Selena*

*I actually have very high expectations of her and she does not disappoint.

Christopher L Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
Selena Goodwin boss not boss wallpaper for January
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5

Brad Vetter

Last week I was lucky enough to sit in on a talk by Jim Sherraden, the manager and artist at Hatch Show Print out of Tennessee! It was so inspiring hearing him talk about preserving the old methods of printing, I had to do a post.

The main designer at Hatch is Brad Vetter (son of a bitch) who has been lucky enough to work at their shop for the last 9 years, I think. He’s created some pretty amazing posters, either using the hundreds of thousands of wood type blocks they have or carving his own illustrations. Working there so long, he’s gotten to do a lot of experimentation and come up with some amazing designs for great bands. I especially love when he uses solid wood blocks in different shapes to create background textures or graphical elements in the design.

Brad’s also done work for Anthropologie’s catalog! I actually kept mine because the design was so rad.