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Teagan White Illustrations

What First grabbed my bull by the horn were the pieces that had no black, and instead used more colorful outlines (which I happen to love). Then as I traveled deeper into Teagan’s work, I discovered wonderous work meet with very little color.

I can’t get over how much detail is being pressed into each of her pieces. Some of these may seem simple, but could you imagine yourself recreating it? You’d have to really get your face in there to make sure you didn’t miss a stitch on a rabbit’s vest, or a knot on a branch that’s mostly hidden by other branches with other knots that you probably did miss.

There’s a ton more work to be seen on her site including some amazing typography, so go check it out right now!


Albrecht Dürer

These images: Wood/copper cut (I know. I pooped myself too)

When you’re looking through blogs, you’re usually looking for what’s incredibly new. Well my man Albrecht is incredibly old, incredibly dead and incredibly incredible.

I first learned about him in design history and immediately idolized his dead dead amazing corps. But when I talk to designers I’ve met as I go through my career, they don’t know who I’m talking about and seem to get this look as if I’m talking about nothing more than a restaurant I liked because of the free bread.

He was a German painter, printmaker, engraver, mathematician, and theorist from Nuremberg. WHAT! Plus the bastard makes a huge impact in late 15th century Europe in his 20s. (and he’s also regarded as the first landscape artist). And then this guy knew da Vinci! The Leonardo kind! What would you do if you met da Vinci? Slap him? I’d sure hope you’d do something funny.

There’s plenty more to be read about this man on Wikipedia if you’re so compelled to learn more in an attemp to gain the tricks to his greatness.

Screen shot 2011-10-16 at 7.42.12 PM


Our okay-friend Wyatt sent me to DADU’s tumblr a few days ago and I instantly fell in love with the sketchbooks.

It’s quite an amazing thing, illustrator’s sketchbooks. They are so crazy and weird. I love the fact that none of it ends up being anything. It’s all preliminary bullshit and brain vomit. In fact, in some cases, I like the sketches better than the finished pieces. This would be one of those cases. After I looked through all of the books (all 109 pages, double-sided), I moved on to the commissioned pieces, and I was a bit disappointed. However, the sketches make up for the less-than-interesting finished article-style illustrations. Especially the fashion illustrations. They are exquisite! DADU should really try their hand at fashion design. Or at least textile design. Why do I always end up telling illustrators to go into textile design? Maybe because there are so few amazing fabric prints out there, I’m subconsciously dying for some great textiles. Besides, who better to design textiles than illustrators? I mean most textile designs are done by… well, terrible designers. Okay enough ranting about textiles. Maybe that needs to be a not Boss post… hmm.

So please check out DADU’s sketchbooks and don’t be afraid to look through the commissioned work, it is quite good.


Tim McDonagh

There’s something funny about what these illustrations are doin’ to me. It’s like they’re just bait for an even larger story that has managed to just slip outside the frame. Alone in my cubicle I cry out, “What’s happening in this image!”

Maybe I’m trying too hard to find something that isn’t to be found. But I cannot ignore the way these images grab me by the balls and make me think. I believe that if something grabs my balls, it is to be shared with others. Because of this I have more posts and less friends.

Do yourself a favor and peep the rest of his work. Maybe do it before you go out this weekend, or do it of some well deserved hair of the dog. On the beach or at work; it’s good anytime.


DKNG Screen Print: Mammoth

So just looking at this print and BTS vid, it’s no secret that this print is BOSS, but that’s not quite enough to merit a post; just one BOSS print. What really got me was that this print is only two colors!

I didn’t even think it was a screen print until during the BTS vid, I kept seeing flashes of bit maps flying all over the place and in an instant, disappearing. So when I peeped their site and got the confirmation on the screen print, my mouth went: “‘daaaamn.” Then, while expecting 4 color, maybe 3, I learned that it’s a 2 color print! Took me about 5 minutes to find my jaw on the floor and I was almost late for work.


Michael Latimer

When on a road trip, flying at a hundred miles per hour, looking out the window, your eyes ping pong back and fourth trying to catch every new detail as it flies by, trying not to miss anything. You may have a similar reaction while soaking in these prints.

There’s such fine detail going on in these that I want to make sure that I see all the print has to offer me before moving on to the next one. But every time I go back to one I’ve already combed through, I feel like I always find something new that was hiding from me the first time; it’s kinda weird like that.

I love the colors of the prints with the spray background and the geometric foreground (I also think the juxtaposition of those two elements is amazing!). Michael’s color choices don’t seem to stray too far around the wheel in most of his work and I love that he made it work. There’s something special about knowing how to make like-colors work together in such abstract ways, instead of just looking boring and unfinished.

You’d be the smartest person in the world if you peeped his site after showing some love in the comments.


Cristian Boian

I’m not sure what it is about this kid’s work that has me diggin’ on it as much as I am, but maybe you can pinpoint what’s going on after a peep.

Perhaps it’s the idea that organic and geometric with shapes and rhythms could possibly be married like some sort of beautiful sea shell. Perhaps it’s all the fine details that are going on in the negative space. Whatever it is, I want more of it.

Peep more of CB’s work here and show some love with a comment :)


Small + Arts = Smarts

These smarts where done by Eric Hancock and I have fallen in love with them. They move me in such a way that makes me wanna get all giddy and roll around in a sort of meadow.

What had initially caught my eye was the colors; they’re lovely. I want to take these colors on a date. It would be a cheesy picnic for two in a meadow in which nature intended every living beast to roll around in.

Then what made me want to move this date to my place, where I’d go on to show off my unholy ability to ensure I don’t get my security deposit back, was the subject matter. Bird with a little floating top-hat—awesome. Sea Cow wearing a béret—awesome. Why wouldn’t I put a ring on it?

Please do society a favor and make yourself a better person by checking out Eric’s blog where you’ll find plenty of the feel-goods



Von’s art always forces me to do a double take. “oh, that’s a drawing of…oh, wait… well… ok, yeah.” You just can’t ignore the way he uses negative and positive space to achieve these thought arresting pieces of magic.

I also am immediately stricken, head over heals, in love with the layouts of composition; they’re this wondrous still-life dance that thunders through each piece at a comfortable distance like a giant twister that’s close enough to see and appreciate, but far enough away so that you’re not worried about it; it’s some other poor bastard’s problem.

Make your way over to his site for more eye ball candy and have yourselves a yummy yummy Monday.


Serena Cole

I was swept away by these mixed media portraits. After reading a fantastic interview thanks to Meighan at ML4Y, I really appreciated the dedication, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail that these paintings possessed. I highly suggest going over there to read the article.

The haunting background of these pieces are what makes them even darker than they first look. My favorites are the women with the headdresses; representing their views on the glamorization of death and general destruction and violence in today’s fashion world. Being a girl of high fashion interest, these intrigue me much more than the ads themselves. I can’t wait to see more of what she can do!