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Noma Bar

Noma Bar was born in Israel in ’73 and his simple illustrations of simple shapes in tandem with negative space are incredible.

He studied graphic design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and has been publish a zillion times in a zillion magazines. The man has even put out two books! I know that a ton of designers have put out books, but it’s still amazing. How many books do you have out? That’s what I thought.

Obviously what makes his work so great is that he’s able to capture so much with so little. Wether that’s capturing a story, a personality, or an idea. I love how his work, while simple and easy to digest, makes you think. What makes his work stand out isn’t what he puts on the page but more what’s triggered in the viewer by what’s on the page (like that whole ‘art happens within the viewer, not on the canvas’). You’re forced to think about it.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that a design shouldn’t make you think (read Don’t Make Me Think. just do it), but in that case of Noma Bar I think it works.

HOWEVER some of his work can be ‘once you’ve seen one you have seen them all’. Just make a head shape and put a reference to that person where the eye should go. It’s very clever the first few times, then it’s gets to be a bit “c’mon, Noma. don’t you have more?”

You should still be going out of your way to check out his work and learn that you don’t have to say much to say a lot.


Equality Sans

Equality Sans is a free “typeface for human rights” developed by Art Director, Caprice Yu, and associate creative director, Steve Peck, who is bathing in awards. Equality Sans is only available in vector format, but the duo is currently looking for help developing an opentype or truetype format.

Just incase you’re not aware: I’m all for equality (sexual preference, race, class, whatever), but when you take a meme and slip some type in the background and act like it’s a great deed while at the same time it looks like a sad student project—I gotta drop a blog rant.

For a couple of creative directors, this is one of the least creative things I’ve seen. When there’s more than one letter at a time (all examples), the message becomes overbearing and looses meaning to the point that when I see it now, it’s just another thing my brain’s been trained to ignore. I thought it was incredible when, on facebook, nearly everyone in my feed had gone out of their way to change their pic to support equality. It was awesome. But Caprice and Steve have just taken a solid message of support and made it into a thing that shouldn’t have been made. Surely they could’ve thought of a stronger, less lazy, project to show support and promote equality.

PS:: that ‘S’ and ‘Y’? You’re killing me.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.38.23 PM

Konrad Syblilski

Up-and-coming designer, Konrad Syblilski, caught me with his simple design concept for RiceNoir Sake. There’s something special in the sweet way he takes a simple idea, reification, to create the sake’s logo mark and how it is used seamlessly when taken to the package design. Not everything in Konrad’s portfolio is this golden, but there’s some super solid stuff (SSS) there even in such a young body of work.

Also, his site is beautifully built using something called Berta, which I’m still researching but seems like an interesting concept, especially for designers who aren’t quite developers.


Buxxxor Vibrators

These are super cute vibrators from, the Italian, Kokoro. Almost makes me wish I was a woman…almost (is that weird to say? yes?). My favorite part is that their little belly button dot is the on/off.

Just when you thought that these ‘too cute sex yummies’ couldn’t get any cuter, they have names! (although not very creative): Clitt, Geena, and Woody respectively.

And if you haven’t seen the JimmyJane vibrators, do. It’s good to see some solid design thought in the sex realm :)


John D Whitlock

John is an artist and designer in New York. His work is so simple and easy to digest, how can you not dig on it. It’s tough to find that nice little area where simple and good meet and get each other a loving embrace, but John found it :)

Be sure to show some love and check out more of his art and his design.

PS:: Peep the solid screen print at the end :)

PPS:: he has a .tv domain and that’s weird to me :/


Fresh January 2013 Wallpapers

The very first wallpapers of the year always smell the nicest and this batch is no different :)

Last month was a little crazy for Selena and me; she got hired as a design for Nordstrom, and I got offered des/dev jobs from NBC and Microsoft (went with Microsoft after a soul searching montage), but we made sure to make time to build a couple sweet sweet wallpapers for you! Here they are, fresh out of the oven.

Did you guys make any resolutions? If you’re smart you didn’t, because you know the secret to happiness is low low expectations. I guess that’s why I’m so happy dating Selena*

*I actually have very high expectations of her and she does not disappoint.

Christopher L Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
Selena Goodwin boss not boss wallpaper for January
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5

Brad Vetter

Last week I was lucky enough to sit in on a talk by Jim Sherraden, the manager and artist at Hatch Show Print out of Tennessee! It was so inspiring hearing him talk about preserving the old methods of printing, I had to do a post.

The main designer at Hatch is Brad Vetter (son of a bitch) who has been lucky enough to work at their shop for the last 9 years, I think. He’s created some pretty amazing posters, either using the hundreds of thousands of wood type blocks they have or carving his own illustrations. Working there so long, he’s gotten to do a lot of experimentation and come up with some amazing designs for great bands. I especially love when he uses solid wood blocks in different shapes to create background textures or graphical elements in the design.

Brad’s also done work for Anthropologie’s catalog! I actually kept mine because the design was so rad.


December Wallpapers!

This month Selena and I hit you with a double shot of wallpaper greatness!

Dress your screens and make your friends jealous this month :)

Christopher L Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
Selena Goodwin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
untitled (1 of 9)

New Screen Print! Stacey’s Dragon

Our friend, Stacey, has a birthday coming up and I made her a print! It’s a 19×25″ 2-color screen print on 100lb stock—you know it’s French Paper!

‘S’ for ‘Stacey’ seemed simple enough. The dragon’s an Illustration I did with micron, blown up to fit on the poster and I made the type by using a micron to write as tiny as i could, then blowing it up real big like.

I printed a few of just the dragon and a few with the “This city is just too small for you” type (a quote from the book, Mad Science Institute). And now they’re added to our wall of prints making our studio space look awesome!

This was tons of fun to print. We had a few of our friends chill at the studio and we had a healthy amount of vodka flowing around. Once they saw how dope screen printing is, I let them all do a few pulls—everybody remembers their first pull. Next time you’re in Seattle, come print with us. Just be sure to bring lots of sweet sweet hard liquor :)


Fref To Desh November Wallpaper!!

The greatly anticipated November wallpaper is here at last! Best of all: I made it, just for you :) Dress up your retina displays, and finish off that candy hangover with a little hair of the dog in style.

Hope you guys had an amazing October, and here’s to an even better November!

Christopher Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for November
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5