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Screen Print: Sorry For Your Moss

As mentioned in this post, our boy, Bloomstar, had the genious idea to just print whatever we wanted to get our print process down. So I did a drawing based off of this Kate Moss pic.

She’s a four color, ~9x~10 print on French Paper, 100lb stock, in a run of 19. I did the separations with pencil and once I had the transparencies printed, I locked up in the studio for 8hrs tearing down stock, burning the screen, mixing the ink, and printing. Selena and Bloomstar came around to help out (thank you), and Selena took most of these pics :)

Say you want one in the comments and we’ll get a hold of you.


Pentagram’s World Chess Branding

FINALLY some design that makes me feel all giddy inside (of course its from Pentagram). I feel like it’s been a million years since I saw a logo and fell in love with it. Do you see that thing!?! It’s like you’ve been at some hipster tavern waiting for your friend who’s an hour late, and just as you think you can’t take being there any longer, a beautiful woman walks in (or man, but I doubt Ed Westwick would find himself among Papst urchins) and you remember that there are good people in the world who go beyond putting an object in place of a letter or simply fill in counters. Then there’s more.

Pentagram was tasked with designing an identity to restore the reputation of the World Chess Championship, as well as catch the attention of young challengers in the game of strategy and foresight. Well they grabbed my attention in a dark alley, and mugged me with thought-out, solid application of the new brand. Do you see those score cards? Those posters? The logo mark in the wood??

If there’s some other great branding that you think I’ve missed, let me know in the comments :)


Kasper-Florio Design Studio

This is a team I’ve been watching for awhile and am finally getting around to talking about.

Whenever I look through their work, I quickly become mesmerized by the clean typography and seemingly empty spaces. This is some classic Swiss shit. As a designer, you never really get tired of such ageless graphics. At a glance it seems so beautifully simple. However, with a trained eye you can pick up how much thought and skill went into every slice of work. Dark and light contrasts. Negative space. Insanely cohesive type that you’d think would get boring, but it really only gets more interesting. Very little “flashy” graphics and only very pure illustration and photography.

Fucking Swiss.


Aaron Bloom’s Pizza Print

A few days ago Selena and I hit the studio to help our boy, Aaron Bloom (whom I’ll be referring to as Bloomstar), print a little practice pepperoni pizza print: one color on yellow stock from French Paper!!

We’re still breaking in our print set up, and Bloomstar had the solid idea of just printing as frequently as possible, doesn’t matter what it is, to really find our best work flow and work out any kinks that might come up through the process.

This little print represents us moving forward and building on our print skills—complete with finding ink in places we didn’t know we had long after the last pull :/

You already saw my watergirl print, and pizza print is Bloomstar’s second quick print (his first is the smaller one hanging up on the wall on yellow stock). Keep your eyes peeeeeled for more amazing quick prints blasting out of our studio.


iPhone5 Ready October Wallpaper

Couldn’t leave you hanging two whole months in a row, so I got something sweet for ya as fall sets in!

Hope you guys have an amazing October w tons of tricks and treats. If you have a surplus of treats, let us know and we’ll tell you where you can send ‘em :)

Christopher Martin’s wallpaper:
chris martin's boss not boss october wallpaper
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5

Atari Game Booklet Covers

There is an overwhelming amount of rainbows going on throughout these covers—artists going through their ‘rainbow’ period I suppose. But you can’t deny that these covers are awesome! Do you even see the one for Super Breakout? Space rainbows!? Too good.

Most game covers now just look way too over produced and digital, like a modern blockbuster movie poster which is getting a little old to me. You know of a game cover that’s recently been released that’s just beautiful?

Hopefully you also find these retro relics to be as calming as a cool meadow’s breeze and, if you feel the need, you can check out more :)

Subterranean Homesick Blues Type

There’s a ton of time coming up with all these lockups and, for the most part, they’re all pretty solid :)

Selena might delete this post at any second since she hates my main man, Bobby D, so hurry and peep the vid and then check out a few of my favorite type yummies.

Now make a fresh type lockup for the next phrase someone says to you!



Free BnB Screen Print!!

To get a limited edition print: be among the first to tell us what we’re gonna be for halloween in the comments, like sunshine, a unicorn, or a heavy/medic pair—first come, first serve until these prints are gone.

A while ago, we kicked off this giveaway on our instagram (@bossnotboss) but we still got some prints left over and want to give one to you since you’re awesome :)

It’s a one color screen print on 100lb French Paper, roughly 6″x8″. It’s an amazing deep grey on slight-cream stock—there’s also an alt print which is black ink on black stock. You know it was hand printed and hand cut with the love of a thousand mother bears.


New Theatre Branding

I know this isn’t new or anything, but I still dig on The New Theatre’s rebrand so I gotta shout about it (as much as a blog post is to shouting….ALL CAPS?)

Interbrand was the firm who brought a refresh to Sydney’s 80yr old theatre of the people. Interbrand is HUGE, w 40 offices around the world and being almost 40yrs old, and, after reading through a heap of their ‘about us,’ they seem like they might be one of the most boring places to work.

However, I can’t argue with results. The New Theatre’s rebrand is beautiful, and was also very successful, noting that since the day of the brand launch, there’s been a noticeable rise in ticket sales!! Showing that some solid, thought out branding can make a difference, and that logos don’t need to be 3d w a gradient (I’m looking at you, awful designers) to survive in this world.

ps:: If you dig the font, it’s Metric, by Klim Type Foundry


Jay Shaw Screen Prints

Jay Shaw, also known as Iron Jaiden, is hittin’ me with this amazing sense of typography that seems to be missing from most all prints I’ve been seeing kids shovel out. It just works so well with the rest of the elements. plus I’m a complete sucker for hierarchy contrast.

Can’t get over how well these designs tell a story. It’s more than just “here’s a cool image and some text,” there’s an emotional layer which really grabs your brain, gently whispers, and reminds you why you fell in love with design in the first place:)

YES, these are screen prints—DUH! None of that Giclee print UltraChrome HDR business. pfff