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Our Adventure Time Costumes

The best American holiday. No contest. Don’t even try to argue–you will lose. So, every year I dress up. I think one year when I was 14 or something I was in a weird stage where I was like too old to go out, and I didn’t really have many friends who had parties or whatever, so I had no reason to dress up. But ever since then, I always dress up. And I always make my costume. ALWAYS.

What’s the point of a pre-packaged costume? Or of a costume bought at Victoria’s Secret (yes, they make costumes). Or of a costume made out of your lingerie, some tights, and some animal ears? Really, you should just stay home and be alone and cry. Because Halloween is not for you.

So this year, us here at BossnotBoss decided to make our costumes from scratch in honor of one of our favorite cartoons, Adventure Time. Now, if you haven’t heard of Adventure Time, you better download every episode after you read this post and watch it day and night until your eyes bleed. But for those of you who do know about our friends Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum, you will recognize our disguises :)

It was super fun making these costumes. Chris is a genius pattern maker and I am a top notch seamstress. So the two of us work really well together despite the few hours we had. Some of the items made were:

Finn’s backpack – crazy circle pattern stuffed with straps (I can’t believe Chris came up with that pattern in his head)

Finn’s animal eared hoodie – another crazy pattern made by Chris that I didn’t understand while I was sewing

Finn’s sword – painted cardboard is a super easy and affordable material to make accessories out of

Princess Bubblegum’s dress – 1950s extremely altered dress with handmade bubble sleeves, purple collar and belt

Princess Bubblegum’s crown – another painted cardboard accessory

If you guys had amazing costumes this year, send us some pics or links in the comments! We would love to see them!



Cheatin’ uh? WordPress Error Message

Some of you might not be able to relate to this…..yet, but anyway:

So there I am, minding my own business just registering a new taxonomy in the BossnotBoss and when I go populate it, WordPress reaches out and slaps me with the least helpful error message in the universe: Cheatin’ uh?

I reacted with the mind of a normal sane person and calmly threw my computer out the window (which wasn’t open at the time). Once I cooled off, I went to glue my computer back together and I used paper mache substitutes for the pieces I couldn’t find. Fired up the internet machine and tried again only find the “Cheatin’ uh?” error seemed to have taken a permanent residence in my WP backend; this is when I thought to myself, “Am I cheating? hmmm.” Ultimately reaching the conclusion that I wasn’t and WordPress was simply on the blob.

After some research I learned that this damn thing is happening all the time all over the place and if it hasn’t happened to you, your WP site is probably really boring.

One solution that seemed to be very popular was that you should only use lower-case letters when registering the name of your taxonomy, but it should be noted that my research shows this error message can happen for a number of reasons which makes it less less less helpful.

I just don’t understand how you could get away with using that as an error message. Why can’t it just say “there’s something fucked on line 84 in awesome.php”, but instead it just accuses you of cheating? Where I come from, such a harsh acusation can get you into trouble and you’d better be sure you’re right before you run around pointing your finger. Shame on you, WordPress. I’ve been nothing but loyal to you. I don’t even look when another, more beautiful CMS walks by.

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 4.44.44 PM


Oh, you little baby sweets. You make my heart melt and my mouth water. Why have I never put you in my belly? My goal this month is to find the best places in Seattle to eat you, and then eat you.

If you don’t know what wagashi is like myself, it is a sweet treat made from ingredients such as bean pastes, fruits and jellies. Imagine a Japanese marzipan-like sweet, but way prettier. It is typically eaten at teatime. Yum! :D

Aren’t these photographs amazing also? They make the presentation come to life along with the already beautifully made wagashi. My favorite is the carp in the tank. So cute! Here are two places you can find them in Seattle:

Perhaps you will see me there! To see more beautiful sweets go here.

Screen shot 2011-08-16 at 11.47.38 PM

5 for 1

This Wednesday is special. I have all of these small things that I want to share, and it wouldn’t really make sense to give them their own posts since they are small things, but still boss things. So here they are:

1. This little animation for The Northwest Film & Video Festival by David Emmite. It’s too cute!!

2. A super easy free oriental pattern maker called Japonizer. If you are running out of time and need a little extra something for that poster or just need a fresh new desktop wallpaper, this will work great.

3. A new find for Chris and I which we have been coveting, but no longer! Scriptographer is a revolutionary tool for the Adobe Illustrator user. It is a free scripting plugin that is super easy to use, and the effects can be quite amazing.

4. A great retro font resource, also free! When those other crazy free font websites aren’t doing it for you and you want something fresh and old school, this is the place for you.

5. Finally, our good friend Aaron Bloom showed me this after I wowed at his “The” on his newest poster creation. It is literally a stockpile of “the’s”. Seriously, this would have come in handy SO MANY TIMES. Again, FREE.


Road Trip!

We’ll be out for two weeks starting tomorrow, with our dear friend, Katie, to trek across a chunk of the USA. Peep the route, going counter clockwise, and let us know if we’re gonna be close to your town so you can offer up a place for us to sleep and give us your food :) Or just let us know of some dope spots we gotta hit up.

Why is BNB going on this epic interstate tour? Selena’s never been to New Orleans, so we’re doing that: Cajun style.

Don’t worry if you notice we’re not posting every day; that’s just how it is out there when you’re livin’ by the code of the road: miles from home, miles from friends, eat what you can when you can, and updating your blog is slightly less easy.

Planned stops:

  • Quest Field (my pa will be crossing a marathon finish line)
  • Canon Beach (duh)
  • Red Wood National Park
  • San Francisco
  • Austin
  • New Orleans


I found this blog Monkrahwr detailing the hilarious shit that happens to this girl in California. She draws these super crude illustrations, probably in some Microsoft Paint software, to go along with her stories and they always make my day. I wish she would blog more often, because whenever I read a new one, it’s guaranteed I’ll have a better morning. Though blogging about funny things in your life all of the time can’t be that easy. I know that I couldn’t do it. Not only would I fail at continuously having funny things to talk about, but I would fail at being able to express how funny they were at the time. I am a terrible storyteller!

I also really love how she’s able to joke about herself. That’s also a hard thing to do sometimes. After looking at beautiful art so often, since that’s my job, it’s kind of nice to look at something so badly illustrated. Some amazing t.v. shows are done in bad illustration (though “bad illustration” is definitely based on opinion) like The Life and Times of Tim. Definitely follow her so you can read her next post! Though if I were you, I’d just go there right now and read all of her previous posts from beginning to end.


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There’s now a link to our twitter feed!!! You can click on the left there in the nav or right here.

The feed itself isn’t too new, but the link sure is. On our twitter, you’ll find lots of extra boss and notboss content that may not be boss or notboss enough to merit an entire post. Videos, people, events, and anything that is still enough to talk about, but more of a, “hey, check this out right now, fool.”

Plus there’s always the classic, rss feed :)

Follow us, and if you have a yummy feed, we’ll follow you too!

Picture 1

United Visual Artists

Teaming up with Coachella this year is a company from London called United Visual Artists. They are designing the main stage for bands to preform on such as Arcade Fire, Interpol, and Animal Collective. All I can really say about these guys is, they are awesome. Can you imagine putting together a show like that?? Lighting design, props, crazy shit, projections? They have also worked on stages for Jay Z, Chemical Brothers, and Massive Attack. Damn. I wish I worked for a company like this one. Getting to tour around the world and designing awesome shit? Fuck, sign me UP!

The video is made by this other mind blowing company called The Creators Project. I’m still a little confused about all of the different things they do, but it looks like they mainly help out with giant visual projects such as Coachella and other, smaller artistic exhibitions. They also make awesome little videos about events and the people they get to work with. I watched a few of the ones they have up and they were all super cool, so I would check them out if I were you.


Kirupa has saved my butt at least one thousand times. If you’re new to flash or simply not very good at it, then this is where you’ll be spending most of your nights. There’s a million helpful tutorials and if that’s not enough there’s plenty of forums for you to dig through and find some other kid who’s had the same problem.

One thing that I can’t seem to ignore is that a lot of the forums are five or six years old – some even more than that. Is this a sign that flash is dying, that nobody wishes to learn flash any longer during these days of iPads and apps, or is it simply that everyone who’s interested in flash is already a master at it?

I for one still have a love for flash and love the feeling I get when my action script, that I grabbed from a ten year old forum, works just right.

It should be noted that kirupa does offer tutorials on programing outside of flash, but who cares about windows phone 7?

Launch Party

We held a launch party on Friday, February 4th, 2011, and it was so much fun! Thank you to all of you who came out to support BossnotBoss even if you’d never heard of it before.

There was a break in the dancing to ask some of the guests their own Boss & notBoss which you can find in the video.

Within 24hrs, BossnotBoss had over 430hits on it’s first day, blasting way past our expectations of 30! So we have to say Thanks again to you all who have allowed yourselves to be touched by the BossnotBoss