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Caravan Palace – Rock It For Me

A friend of mine said she was going to see Caravan Palace at Neumos the other night. When I asked who they were I got, “You don’t know electro swing!!?!?!” and linked me to their video for ‘rock it for me’ and it’s awesome.

Swing is one of the best genres on the planet, but electronic biz is hit or miss w me. Turns out electro swing is also hit or miss so be warned. Love swing? might not care for electro swing. Listening to electro swing when your girlfriend comes home? No, she won’t want to dance with you.

Fuckin’ Animated GIFs, Child!

So this past weekend I was chillin’ with boy genius, Nash Turley, and the strikingly handsome, Hamilton Boyce (who, together, make up the super legendary, post metal, thoughtfully political, hyper-punk, extreme duo band: Horse Grinder), and we were blazing around Capitol Hill making animated gifs.

Animated gifs are easily one of the greatest things our forefathers bestowed upon us and, as such, it is our responsibility to make sure we continue to make silly gifs with our friends.

So take a breather and enjoy these gifs. Got some dope gifs you’ve made? we wanna see ‘em :)


Mr. Div

Through my adventures of learning 3d modeling, I came across these sweet sweet gifs by Mr. Div, aka: Matthew DiVito.

They’re just beautiful and, as with most beautiful things, simple. You can’t help but be slightly inspired to try to make a few of your own :)

He’s a graphic designer who has an amazing interest in animation, 3d shite, and game design; he’s essentially me, slightly farther in the future, only slightly less handsom….probably.

Peep his gifs and his Cinema 4d experiments reel, then get outta here and make something awesome for yourself. You could make anything! Like a robot that has a jetpack and giant guns that only shoot out hummingbirds. Such an imballence of hummingbirds would surely disrupt the food chain and most of the birds would probably starve and die due to lack of hummingbird resources. With all those hummingbird corpses laying about, some goober would start making wallets out of their bird pelts and sell them for super cheep until things started to ballance out again.


I feel like this flick was made just for me.

Spork is that classic tale about a girl equipped w both sets of genitals and is the school outcast until she does something awesome, except, It’s easily one of the goofiest movies I’ve ever seen.

It’s the perfect movie to kick back w a couple friends the morning after, w a gallon of mimosa each, and just take it all in*. And, if you’ve been reading along w us, you know we love Ru Paul and know that we completely flipped our weary lids when a Ru Paul track dropped in!!!!

*Mimosa is the #1, BossnotBoss approved, hair of the dog :)


VÆSEN is beautiful because of it’s subtle impact. The illustration is gorgeous. The animation is tragically charming. The story leaves you just hungry enough for desert. The length is spot on. The sound effects are just plain handsome.

There’s no dialog which is sort of too bad since I’d love to see how these kids from The Animation Workshop would play with that variable, but I also like it—It forces you to use your brain to read the visuals to tell the story. At which point you’re at the mercy of the storyteller’s ability to tell that story and you already know I feel like they did that just well :)

EyesDown (Drum Machine Remix) Video

If you’ve been keeping track with us on what’s BOSS & notBOSS, then you know that Anthony F Schepperd is muy BOSS. The man did this little number in a month which is amazing! I love how he makes the fabrication of a ‘human’ fluid and mechanical at the same time. And, of course, keep an eye out for a couple of those AFS phych-warp loops that make me love Anthony more than I could ever describe in a single post (perhaps that’s why this is the 3rd post featuring his work).

ps :: does that ’architect’ remind anyone else of Omar Rodríguez-López?

(I wanna see) Linotype:
The Film

The Linotype looks like one of the craziest and most ambitious machines I’ve ever laid eyes on (after the 234 other machines that exist today and fall into those two categories).

From what I can tell, the damned thing makes metal molds as you type for each line-o-type you type (called a slug). I wonder if you can look around on the ground where newspaper publishers once stood and find slugs much like you could find arrow heads. Although slugs were probably melted down and reused making them extra rare and special. Prob see some hipsters with slugs on a necklace any day now :\

Hit this Wiki to learn more about the machine and hit the film’s site to learn more about the doc and when it’ll be touring to a city near you (see you in Seattle on Mar 7th, fellas!)

Magic Trip’s Kinetic Type

Magic Trip is documentary that used the 16 mm color footage shot by Kesey and the Merry Pranksters
during their 1964 cross-country bus trip in the “Furthur” bus. You
know, THE hippie-dippy bus! And while this documentary is remastered
to perfection and totally worth watching for the whole story… there’s
a particular scene that I am captivated by! Ken Kesey’s voice on tape
while participating in an early LSD study brought to life with new
visuals & kinetic type!

The hand drawn type drags you deeper as Kesey’s voice becomes more and
more weary. They tell his crazy acid stories like you’re there, in
fact, after a while you feel like you’re on drugs too! Fun!

Magic Trip is currently on Netflix instant, but you should watch this scene now!

The Whale Story

Originally I wasn’t going to have a post for today, but now at the last possible second, I see this animation and recognize a few of the frames with the whale all tied up and it was driving me mad for about 20 seconds thinking about where’d I’d seen it before, because I knew I hadn’t seen this vid ever. Then I remembered I’d seen it here in Seattle at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill. WHAAA

So I wanted to share some sweet sweet local talent with you BossnotBossers. Let this be a lesson to you: if you throw your talent up on a wall in Seattle, I might see it and I might post about it :)

Big shout to Tess Martin and everyone who helped out on this animation!!!

Two Against One

Right when I started watching this animation, I saw this had Anthony F Schepperd written all over it’s smelly face. Anthony was not animating alone though; with Chris Milk was also at his side (I wonder how often he has to hear “…how about a tall glass of you”) while working on the video for this track, off the album, Rome, by Danger Moues & Daniele Luppi with Jack White and Norah Jones laying down some smooth vox.

If you caught our post on Anthony Schepperd, then you also probably noticed his tripped out psychideli soup style as quickly at I did.