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(I wanna see) Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I decided to kick my day off with a sweet Front Row session and sift through some trailers and I found a sweet sweet nugget due this March.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a documentary about a little sushi restaurant tucked into a japanese subway, but it also happens to be the home of the most amazing sushi on the planet, brought to life by Jiro, who may be one of the most amazing people on the planet. Granted I’ve never met the man, or seen beyond the trailer for this doc, but a man who says he’s still working towards perfection, while others boast how he’s surpassed it……. Jiro never settles and that is BOSS.

As much as I’d like to taste the sushi in my mouth, I still can’t get over how it looks! I love those black plates, the food looks so beautiful on those plates. I think I might just have to do a whole post on those plates just to get it all outta my system.

ps. In the trailer it says that Japan has declaired Jiro a national treasure! I hope that’s all it says on Jiro’s resume, ‘National Treasure’ in 7pt type, courier.


Semiconductor is Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. They create a combination of conceptual audio, motion and installation work with lots of science. In their own words they “explore the material nature of our world and how we experience it, questioning our place in the physical universe.”


The atmosphere they create using motion, sound, and physical space is amazing. Their film, 20 Hz, uses radio array data to create sound and visualize a magnetic storm occurring in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Another film, Heliocentric, attempts to visualize the earth moving around the sun by creating a time lapse that is centered on the sun.

Anyway, definitely check out more of their work on their vimeo page and website

Fleet Foxes: The Shrine / An Argument

This vid just dropped yesterday and t0 say it’s amazingly amazing is an understatement. Are you seeing these colors?! forget about it.

It’s one of those rare times when the audio and the video go so well together that you have to stop everything you’re doing and really soak it in. Then you have to watch it 5 more times to soak it in again. Then watch it 6 more times just because it’s awesome.

There’s so many little things that happen which hint at this great story that’s going on, but nothing blindingly obvious shows up to ruin it (well maybe the story is obvious to you, but I’m still coming up with theories). I’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s going on in this masterpiece. Who was that dude that got pushed off the cliff in the beginning? The owner of the beast? Why is he dead? Who’s that dude just chillin inside the beast this whole time playing music? Why are there animal heads on sticks? Did those Tribal dancers put them there? I have so many questions I never want to learn the answer to.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is that some genuine stop motion in there? I pray to a thousand lords that it is.

ps. you can find that track off Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues album :)

pps. Yes, Stacey Rozich did the character design; feel free to find you jaw on the floor now, please.

Marcell the Shell with Shoes On 2

For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to get too into the first one, but this one had me crackin’ up!

I love the bit where Marcell’s on the keyboard and there’s all these Zs repeating in the background; I’m all about little details like that.

ps Peep the first one in the post :)

pps Snoozin’ ‘n’ treats

I’m Here by Spike Jonze

Our friend Dane reminded us of this short by the good ole’ Spike Jonze. It is a surprising bit of film featuring the two small lives of some lonely robots finding love, and giving everything they have for one another til the very end. You will definitely sigh a few times from despairing sweetness. Very reminiscent of his film, Where the Wild Things Are, this is another beautifully shot film with a simple, yet endearing plot. Definitely watch with a close friend or two, and go here for more info.

DYE “Fantasy” Official Video

My thought process:

“this could be cool.”

“meh, really?”


I love how this is the video to this song. Too perfect? No such thing. This animation is so gross and sick and perfect for watching at work or showing to little kids. Plus the track is dope.

Sorry, guys, but I’m way too pumped for the weekend to be tellin y’all all my feelings on this bit, but you get the idea. I hope you’re all doing amazing things and doing plenty of designing and dancing—the best kind of double Ds to get a handfull of :)

Kijek / Adamski

Hell yes to any sort of rotoscoping action. But these kids don’t stop at rotoscoping; they like to fly a little closer to the sun and sprinkle in plenty of other yummies for the tastebuds on your eyes. And that’s just this first vid.

Their other work is def worth your time so instead of reading this you should hit up their site. It’s a little weird cuz it’s more of a blog than a traditional portfolio… maybe I’m just linking to the wrong place, but either way, there’s awesome waiting on the other end of that link.

Guilherme Marcondes

PUPPETS!! The puppeteering these guys are capable of is like something out of a wonderful forgotten lulliby. It mirrors the style of puppet brandishing that the kids at Handspring Puppet Company can pull off with the ease of a breeze (prob do a post on them soon).

Then to go and mix elegant puppetry with sleek animation is nothing less than a cocktail of greatness.

And just when you thought, “yeah, these kids are pretty BOSS, but now much more BOSS can they get?” they bust in with oragami puppets! whaaaa! (I’ll give you a minute to find your jaw on the floor)…





There’s lots more to see in their portfolio, so why are you still reading this? Go on and check it out.

Way Home

I hope y’all have been pining for a little dung in your Monday cuz the commotion in this motion is makin’ waves in my ocean.(that doesn’t really make sense, but whatever. When you start your own sideways blog and write posts for it, you can make all the sense you want)

The first thing I fall in love with is the character designs. They’re super cute and awesome and I want to see more of it. A lot more of it. So much more, I need a bigger screen just to be able to contain all the ‘more’ I desire.

Then I fall in love with the way everything’s animated; the way the characters move and flop about. So goooooood :D

I hope you enjoyed this dung journey and are inspired to start one of your own.

3D Camera Mapping from MOTALKO

So before I even hit play, I’m like “yeah, whatever, after effects and layers. blah blah,” but then I watch it and I’m like “whaaaaa!”

It’s the same idea as that aftereffect trick where you cut a photo into different layers and move ‘em around, but this is done in such a way that grabs hold of my whole psyche and shakes it up real good and poors it into a slender glass on the rocks.

Yeah, so what of the people look a little wonky; those cars are lookin’ so so amazing!

In the description, Miklós says he used Blender 2.49 and I’m already curious to learn more about it (as if I need another program to add to my alphabet soup resume).

Oh, and this is from MOTALKO, which is a documentary about the first Hungarian petrol station :)