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Girls Mix

Sometimes you just gotta hear the sweet sound of a woman’s voice—so I made a mix just for that :) Here’s a small collection of tracks that I’ve been cranking w some fine ladies bringing up the vocals (and one dude in there, but whatevers)

Blast this mix and you’ll be a better person.


Weird Bug at Black Lodge

You might recall my puppy love over The Webs and how they now only play shows in our memories. Well, on The Webs’ facebook, I asked if there were any current music projects with former members….enter Weird Bug.

Weird Bug is Lilly Morlock (formerly of The Webs) and her man (says FB), David Plell, and they are AWESOME! I made sure to get Selena cranking their EP, Stuck In Beads, right away. By the time of their show, she was bragging about how she’d blasted Weird Bug on loop all day.

While I was grabbing pics and vid durring the show, Selena and I made sure that everyone in the room knew that we were the biggest Weird Bug fans that had ever been and ever would be by screaming the loudest. “Be the loudest”, that’s what my papa always told me.

Peep these pics I snagged and this big gif I rolled up, then blast some Weird Bug. Can’t wait to see you at their next show!


Horse Grinder at The Grotto

Last week Selena and I caught the first Horse Grinder show in over two years, for their Plutocracy EP pt1 release, at the Grotto (Rendezvous) and it was AWESOME and you’re an asshole if you weren’t there rocking face paint with us.

Horse Grinder is man genius boy, Nash Turley, and the fortress-crumblingly handsome, Hamilton Boyce (who’s also in Song Sparrow Reasearch [who you may also recall from the music video we worked on together]). You might also recall these two from our last post when I shared some sweet gifs we’d made :)

Peep these pics/gifootage I got and def peep their sound, children!

The Webs

It was a still evening in March, 2012, when my buddy, Clay, invited me to see his friend’s band play at Seattle’s Mars Bar. Going to see my friend’s friend’s band I’d never heard of, I didn’t anticipate much. But then they started to play.

Typically, once a band’s played a track, I’ll clap or shout, depending on what I’m drinking, but The Webs had me frozen in place—paralized. I’d never heard a self-discribed “witch pop goblin slop” band like this. Made of only three Seattle kids, Cory Budden, Mike Walker, and Lilly Morlock; It was clear from that moment on, The Webs and I were soul-mates.

The bone-churning lyrics riding Lilly’s perfectly reigning voice, slathered on an optimistic ride through a night’s sandy beach-forest odyssey. There was nothing I could do to fight off the love of The Webs which would take over that night.

This is no different from any other great love story—The Webs are no longer a band. Now when I listen to them I’m filled with the sadness nastalgia of a summer love brings. They’re gone, but I’ll always remember that night we shared.

PS:: Lilly’s in Weird Bug now. def peep their sound!

2012 Loops Mix

Finally stopped listening to it long enough to do a post about it. This is a sweet sweet collection of tracks I kept on loop through 2012. Not all the tracks came out in 2012, but they helped get me through the year :)

PS:: for some reason I felt compelled to make an animated GIF w the cover, so here it is; live it up!

Chilly Gonzales-SoloPiano II :BTS

Solo Piano II finally came out last year, 8yrs after Chilly’s amazing 2004 Solo Piano. If you like one, you like the other—if you have ears: you like them both.

On Chilly’s site, there’s a short, 3 part, behind the scenes look at the making of Solo Piano II and I am a complete sucker for peeking bts at things that are great!

Take a listen and take a watch, and be a better person:)

Got Together our Ninth Mix For You

I know it’s been a while, but you know we’ve been busy learning and trying new things, and while we’re doing all that learning and trying we’re blasting tracks. So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been cranking the past few months :)

After Mix

I thought to myself, “well it’s Wednesday, the children probably want some tracks.” So here’s a little hand full of what I’ve been crankin’ lately.

She’s a little chill, a little dancey. Crank it, blast it, jam it, bop it; just be sure to have your mimosas on hand and ready.

ps :: got a couple homies on this jam. shouts to Cock & Swan as well as Heart Island :)

I’m Always Looking For The Sun

Selena’s had this mix up her sleeve and she’s FINALLY ready to share it w you. It took some smooth talkin’ and a bit of magic, but here it is. So grab yer sketch book, blast these tracks, and blah!



The cover looks like this album sounds.

Psychosis is responsible for My G4 Over Da Sea, which is a mashup of familiar hip hop tracks and the entire Neutral Milk Hotel album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I hate it

I think it went something like this: There’s Psychosis, it’s a late late night and Psy’s drunk hungry. So put a bunch of delicious food in a blender and it comes out lookin all brown and gross like poo and Psy thinks, “I wonder if the same would happen blending yummie yummie music together, then I could put the poo album on the internet.”

Why would you take a whole great album and make it poo?

Over some light googlin’ I was expecting to find similar negative reviews, but it looks like everyone, but me, loves it. Too often I’m reminded that my brain works in some different way than most other people’s, but that’s just how it is and fuck who don’t like it.

If you’re itchin’ for a mashup, hit our post on the Wu-Tang/Fugazi mash :)