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SSR vid: As the Clouds Drift By

Song Sparrow Research has a new album coming out on June 8th and we made a sweet music video to get you pumped!

Our boy, Hamilton Boyce(of SSR [first kid you see in vid]), Clay Giffin, and I worked together to tell the story of a nature documentary crew (the band) in search of an elusive beast by mixing live action and animation.

You can catch the bandcamp version of SSR’s new album in this post, and when June 8th happens, be cooler than your friends and grab the 12″ vinyl! SSR has  a couple shows coming up, so be sure to get your buns out to give some mad love :)

ps :: that bass line in this track: SO GOOD

BnB Mix VI

I know it’s been a long time since we did our last post and I wanted to break the silence with a sweet mix for our sunny sunny days ahead :)

We’ve just been super busy printing in the new studio, so you can also start looking forward to wrapping your wide peepers around a couple post on the Sasquatch posters Selena and I have printed. They’re our first prints out of the new studio and we’re very excited to show you even more!

But for now, take this mix out with you in the park for your mimosa picnic and soak in that sunshine.


After the Smoke

I first heard Garcus Marvey, one of the sexiest tracks of the century, and then found this yummie sound cloud playlist w a few more kick-back-yummies for your ears.

Researching After the Smoke turned up the following: they’re from Florida and dig on animated GIFs and sexy women. Going back and listening to ‘em after learning this, I can really hear those three things come through in their tracks. Oh, and they’re also in Billboard’s 2012 Battle of the Bands.

So grab that special someone (or just someone) and get heels to jesus by the window while crankin’ these tracks and make your neighbors jealous*.

*I suppose this assumes the window you’re infront of is at your place—it could be at a coffee shop, a bar, even a walgreens. Just be sure to do it w some style and, as always, put in a thrust from us :)

Talk To Animals

Ok, guys; 8bit is a guilty pleasure of mine, but the trouble is that the good stuff is hard to come by. I can’t just search “8bit tracks that Christopher Martin loves”, I gotta manually sift through the dirt until I find a gold nugget. Once I heard DOWN, forget about it, in love w Talk To Animals.

Aimee is the lady genius who shot Talk To Animals out of Texas and into our hearts and she describes her sounds, “lo-fi punk-inspired baroque pop via 8-bit technology with the aesthetic of surf goth.” She’s also half of 1-800-zombie who I also highly recommend and who you may remember from their smash hit: That Lady Is A Bush. AAAND she’s also in this band now.

STTS (Heart Island Remix)

Our boy, Whitney Gould (Heart Island and whom you may recall from our SPORTS Interview), hit me w this sexy remix of Swag Treated Treated Swag, originally by Don’t Talk to the Cops.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already blasted this track 23409 times and gone on to fill your ears w more Heart Island. Peep the original DTTTC track on their FB :)


Ana, my amazing friend and writer here at BNB, had fantastic tickets to one of our favorite musicians right now, so I thought I’d take a second to share some music (not new, but still very good).

Grimes, you sweet little cutie, sweep my heart with foul tones of poisoned beauty. Seeing is not quite the same as hearing for when Claire Boucher performs alone, on that dark stage, she commands the crowd, even when her tracks get quiet. One of my favorite’s by her is Crystal Ball where she goes from sounding like a nonchalant angel to some weird, cute, startled bird. It’s not only her voice, but her appearance and her gestures that give you a feeling like she is singing either right to you or to the most intriguing person in the world standing right behind you. An amazing example of this is at 1:41 mins in the music video for this track. Gives me shivers! I would love to get an interview with this girl. I asked her after the show, but she was leaving for Portland that night :(

PS. Peep the pic I took from that night at the end of the post! And make sure to buy Darkbloom.

Phèdre LP

I finally am obsessing on some music that isn’t decade old hip hop! Phèdre’s LP dropped yesterday on Gorilla vs bear and you know I went straight to crankin’ it all day long.

I can’t get over how well this sort of Ariel Pink, Paul Banks, Atlas Sound smoothie that tastes great in my ears as this Seattle spring starts to rear with cold blown kisses from our coquettish sun.


Tracks I’ve Kept on Loop (2011)

A more autobiographical playlist than the ‘best songs released this year’ standard. This is a collection of tracks that, durring this past year, I’ve kept on loop cuz I dig on ‘em so well I almost broke my ear-shovels. Water ear-shovels? i dunno, I dig with ‘em.

There are tracks released this past year along side some older goodies that I’ve discovered as my tastes evolve and mature. The previous sentence might be the most boring sentence I’ve ever written….sorry, BossnotBossers.

2011 Mix: Best Albums

Hey kids, here’s your small dose of some of my favorite albums this year. We’ll start off with Austra, givin’ us those crazy vocals and insane beats and end with Washed Out’s warbly, chill sound. Hope this sums up your year just like it has mine.

As for 2012, Bossnotboss looks forward to new changes, new friends, and new experiences. We’re almost ready to start working in our new studio, as it is shaping up to be quite an amazing chill and work zone. Hit us up via the comments or Facebook if you want to kick it in our new space! We are excited to let our friends do some bad-ass printing there with us :)

Happy New Year!

The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales

With 2011 winding down and all the “Best of” lists rolling out left and right, it only seems appropriate to follow suit and share one of my favorite albums of 2011, “The Unspeakable” from Chilly Gonzales AKA Canadian born-Paris based Jason Charles Beck.

For those unacquainted with Chilly Gonzales, he’s a piano virtuoso, an “Entertainist” (don’t call him an artist), Grammy nominated producer, weirdo rapper, Guinness world record holder for longest solo concert (27 hours 3 minutes), bathrobe and slippers aficionado, performer extraordinaire, and apparently my favorite musician to force on people when I’m drunk. You may recognize him as producer/writer/collaborator and all around BFF to fellow Canuck Feist.

“The Unspeakable” is Gonzo’s follow up to the incredible Boys Noize produced album “Ivory Tower” from last year (an album that also spawned an existentialist sports comedy film about chess and success and starring Gonzo himself, Tiga, and Peaches). Heralded as the World’s first orchestral rap album, “The Unspeakable” juxtaposes gorgeous orchestral movements with Gonz’s trademark whip smart, pun laced, left field, absurdist humor. He’s not lying when he states “Listen, it’s entertainment/But if you listen the genius is in the arrangement”  and with deadpan comedic ingenuity like “I’m cult/if I wanted culture I’d eat a yogurt” and “I’m going through a difficult stage/From young Nicholas Cage to present day Nicholas Cage” you really can’t deny it when he labels himself “The Musical Genius.”

For a just-the-tip experience, check out the video medley for the album as well as the Tim and Eric-esque video for “Party In My Mind,”, and when your inevitable appetite for more arises, I highly recommend satiating yourself with his entire performance with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna (via Youtube) to really see what the Gonz is capable of.  For those of you who’d rather enjoy some come-down music after a long night, something to help you relax, or you just want to impress your friends without the trouble of actually knowing who Erik Satie is, go for Gonzales’s highly acclaimed 2004 record “Solo Piano”.

This has been the first post from our new contributor, Wyatt Carroll, who is yet another graphic design friend of ours with a unique style no simple man dare attempt to reiterate. He also has a mustache