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Nash Turley’s Bug Pics

You might already recognize Nash from the Horse Grinder post or from the Animated Gifs post. Well I’m going to drop another post for you to recognize him from square in your lap.

Something you probably didn’t know about boy genius Nash Turley is that he’s a PhD student of evolutionary ecology at the University of Toronto. On his site,, he says, “My research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of species interactions, usually involving plants and herbivores.” Along with that he’s been taking photos during his research and I think it’s completely boss that Nash has developed this bonus hobby through his studies.

If your mouth isn’t already watering after learning that Nash pursues a solid amount of activities, then you should know he ALSO started a tumblr: Natural History Sketches. He’s populated it w a few drawings of bugs that look to have been drawn by a man who’s half awake from a syphilitic nightmare of itchy nature. I anticipate birds to join the collection as well as a bat probably. :)

Now go see way more of Nash’s photos (many of which are not bugs) on his site and send him a message of love and warmth made comfortable through the wonder of cyber anonymity.


Early Space Race Photos

This month there are 4,500+ rare photographs from the early days of space exploration going up for grabs and down for keeps via auction. They were gathered, over time, by a Europian collector who, I like to imagine, is an extreme hoarder, but instead of stacks of newspapers, his flat is overrun with stacks of amazing old photographs and he/she is selling them out of fear of falling victim of an amazing old photograph avalanch, and spending his/her final moments buried in irony that the passion of collecting amazing photos and making stacks of them has turned against it’s maker. (it would be more funny if they were amazing photographs of avalanches though)

If you lay with me when I go to bed, you know, before I catch Zs, I can easily spend an hour or two combing through science blogs and things of the like. When I came across these pics, my eyes widened like a puppy’s and checked my funds to see if I could swing the estimated $500,000 – $950,000 that these would auction for…. no dice.

How could you not be inspired by the early stages of something monumental? That time of making tons of mistakes and just trying new things because who cares. Makes me feel better when I make mistakes to know I’m still working towards something amazing :)


Canon AE-D

The Canon AE-D is mirrorless, beautiful, timeless with classic design, and is, like my talent for writing, imaginary. It kills me deep inside to learn that this camera isn’t real and exists only on a plane of wishlist concepts.

David Riesenberg grew restless waiting for Canon to release a camera wo a mirror and decided to lock himself away, for a month, without television, a phone, food, or water. When he emerged from his posture over CAD and sketches, a wonderful proposal was born.*

This pretend Canon is beautiful right down to the on-lens Fstop (which we’re all pining for). Where the film reel would be on a classic AE, there’s a pop-up cylindrical flash, which is mostly ugly to me, but a great way to maintain a part of that classic model which nobody has any use for anymore.

I hope soon to see this as a real thing….and hope it has 4k 120fps video I can wirelessly view on my iPad, since we’re dreaming and all.

*I have no clue of David’s conditions while working on this, but CAD was there and it was for a month

capitol hill seattle sled sledding snow snow day post on boss not boss

Seattle Snow days :D

It’s the tiny tiny window of the year when it’s super super cold and it snows!! (as opposed to the rest of this time of year when it’s super super cold and it just rains on your face)

When I was a kid and it would snow, my dad would wake me up at 5am and we’d look out the window and watch cars slide around and bump into other cars… then he would take me out in his car and he’d do 360s in his Honda Civic which absolutely terrified me, but he was just laughing the whole time. Anyway, that started my amazing love for snow and now I can smell the stuff 2 weeks ahead of time and nothing beats that feeling when you wake up and there’s this huge amount of snow on the ground that wasn’t there when you went to bed :)

So this morning I woke to find an amazing amount of snow on the ground, but instead of going out and playing all day, I went to work like a total sucker and after spending most of the day seeing pics of kids sledding and making snow mischief on instagram and facebook, I decided ‘fuck this office shit’, and as I was leaving, my buddy, Clay, hit me up about some sledding on Cap hill (perfect timing)

So here’s some pics I’ve taken while playing in the snow. I was getting a little nervous towards the end of that sledding shoot as ice started forming all over my camera, but she held tough like I knew she would.

ps. if you look real close, you’ll see our boys, Aaron and Clay, going down head first on a purple plastic sled :)


BNB’s Holiday Wish List: EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Who has an extra pile of money laying around that they want to spend on themselves?? Good! I’ve got something you might want to throw it at! Bossnotboss will be showcasing some of our holiday design/photography wish-list items through the rest of December. We’ll make sure that heavy wallet feels lighter.

A camera lens? Yes! The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens. At a mere $100 this plastic lens is lightweight and affordable. I’ve had lots of personal experience with it and it’s awesome. As a graphic designer that dabbles in photography for my personal blog, I am very impressed with its stylish shots without any photoshop necessary. It’s
amazing for portraits as it’s extremely close to how your eye perceives a subject. This should be a kit lens but as others have said before, it’s probably not because you wouldn’t want to buy any other lenses after it! I plan on acquiring my own this season.

Check out these shots Dane and I have taken in the past couple of months with his Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens.


Avanaut’s Star Wars Lego Pics

I love how much detail that Avanaut has managed to capture here. Some of these are almost like stills from a sort of Star Wars B-Sides which happen to be done with legos since lego people have proven to be better actors than most humans (and they always do their work with a smile on their face. Well usually. Always usually).

There’s def more to see on his stream, as well as non lego Star Wars, non Star Wars lego, and non lego – non Star Wars photos. And yes, of course all his pics reminded me of those marwencol pics :)


Ibai Acevedo

Alright now this amazing photographer is brought to you by Spain. They get all the good ones. Ha, just kidding America. No, but seriously.

A year or more ago I actually ran across a sweet cover art for Washed Out with the use of this photographer’s work. Whether it was with his permission or not, I am unsure, but I remembered it right away when I saw that image of the girl falling into the murky, rainbowy pool water. I loved it then and I love it now. Each picture tells such a vibrant story to me. It makes me wish I had been there in that surreal moment of time. Since I am especially into neons right now (I know, a terrible time to be with fall on its way), these really caught my eye for the second time.

The only thing I am confused about–why isn’t this guy more famous?? I mean, I know it’s a lot of Photoshop work in his commercial stuff (and actually he’s done some really cool photo manipulation that you should check out), but you can’t deny this shit is quite brilliant. The colors are just crazy and the compositions and styling merit some sort of awards that I know they hand out like candy in those small countries far far away. I mean, I see stuff way shittier than this in Vogue or W or Vice or whatever your underground magazine preference may be. Anyways, if you agree with me, share a little bit of Ibai’s work with someone you think might fall in love with it the same way I did.

To see more, go here:


Andrew B Myers

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to tellin’ you kids why I dig on these pics so well. Maybe it’s because I can’t quite figure out why I like ‘em so much. Actually I can—it’s the colors. It’s the composition. It’s the minimalist content.

These super duper juber desaturated colors dancing with this minimalist subject matter through the night makes these photos seem so gentle. A mother’s touch right on your eyeballs to make away any woes which may have befallen you. A blanket to wrap your naked body while you spend your morning watching netflix because you’re too hung over to do anything else. Or simply a kind word.

That’s what I’m filled with when I look at these and I understand that you’re emotions may not be compelled to mirror my own, but you can’t deny that they must trigger some thought in that head of yours. Be it love or hate, angst or compassion, something’s going on in there.

I find myself not sure how to bring this post to a close so just get yourself over to Andrew’s site and look at more pictures.

Screen shot 2011-09-27 at 9.40.15 PM

Fadzly Mubin

Another great find on the Flickr. Fadzly, from Malaysia has been surprisingly taking photos for only 5 years! Crazy! And, if you have a trained eye, you can see that these are all taken with FILM! Also crazy.

These pictures have something that you don’t see a lot in nature photography and that is a lot of contrast. Everyone is always trying to make everything clear throughout the image. But here, you have these deep, dark silhouettes creating graphic shapes around the composition, causing the detailed areas to just illuminate the photo with rich, painterly colors. Amazing. Speaking of painterly, the first photo I saw of this collection was the parrot on that creamy gray background. I thought it was a painting and it caught me so off guard, I had to look through all 200 pictures on his stream. I suggest you do the same and get inspired to grab your mom’s old 35mm Cannon and take your own. Though you probably don’t live in an amazing place like Malaysia, but you can still give it a shot. Ha ha, get it? SHOT? …

See more beautiful pictures here:

Fabio Governato Interview

Fabio is an amazing photographer who’s roots lie in rocket science. Yeah, he’s a rocket scientist photographer… I know.

Fabio’s photography seems to carry so much weight with it. The images he captures are more than just a photograph, but a story (and if you’ve been reading bnb, you know I pine for work backed with a storyline or concept).

He was nice enough to let us tag along for one of his shoots as well as travel to a secret island for a little interview for us, and for you! It was tons of fun watching Fabio work and Selena even helped him out a bit by being a human light stand in a paddle boat; something all photographers need at some point or another.

Peep the interview and def be sure to check out more of Fabio’s photography on his site and his blog.

ps. peep a pic of Selena and me at the end of the post :)