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Wedding Pics of Juliana & Benjamin

I found this set of wedding photos and I believe I have found the coolest couple in the world! How can you have a zombie in your ‘we’re a couple’ photo shoot and not be in the top 1% of coolest of the cool? Plus they clearly make a great team and would be great companions to have when the zombie apocalypse arrives….it’s only a matter of time.

Enjoy these pics, peep the rest of the set, and CONGRATULATIONS to those crazy crazy kids :)

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 4.22.50 PM

Valerie Chiang

I love how free these photos are. Simple. No crazy techniques (that I’m aware of); just bare-boned photography. And to top it off, Valerie is just 18! I know, they’re getting younger and younger. It’s ridiculous.

What I really enjoy are the straight forward compositions. Use of thirds is going on like crazy, I love it! She has definitely nailed that one. Man, but I would like to see some more film to really get to know the photographer. The best ones are the out of focus, accidental looking shots. So careless, yet so pure. Keep up the good work!

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 4.50.32 PM

Elizabeth Weinberg

My favorite season for photography is summer. It’s just so delicious with its sun flares and dripping ice creams and pastel fluorescents and cool, wet bodies. That’s why I love this series, Of Recklessness and Water, by Elizabeth Weinberg. Turns out, you can buy a perfect bound copy for just $15! That would be a great summer birthday gift.

What I truly love about summer photography though, are the water shots. Pictures of water can be boring, but they can also be absolutely amazing. It’s such a crazy element to shoot; constantly moving which makes for beautiful still shots and has so many depths that from close up it’s clear and from far away, it can be black as hell. Water, to me is one of the most graphic subjects to shoot. Besides, everyone always looks so happy when they are in the water :) Unless they are drowning :( Check out the rest of Elizabeth’s work here.

First Digital Camera

Steven Sasson receives titanic—gargantuan props for inventing the digital camera in 1975! Of course it’s huge, as all first generation technology is, but what really got me wasn’t that it only had one button with two positions, or that it’s wiring is exposed, it’s that it uses a damn tape to store data! I know it’s not unheard of, but that almost made me spit my coffee out.

I’d like to also see a model that does video—or film I suppose. You’d probably need a couple buddies to help you out with holding it and positioning it about town. Plus since any human subject you might have would be commissioned to help hold the cam, you’d be forced to only take landscape shots, and who likes those? Now you have a 2 megapixel landscape :|

To be honest, I would love a chance to play around with one of these! (that sentence implies that there’s more than one in existence which I cannot be certain of)

ps. the interview with Steven is done by David Friedman who interviews inventors and, because of that, is totally boss :)

Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 6.08.41 PM


I know working for Nike, HBO, and Rolling Stones must get pretty boring after awhile, right? Yeah, probably not. Boogie is an editorial and advertising photographer, but his personal work is truly my favorite. It looks like he travels around the world literally on a daily basis and uploads photos to his website almost everyday. You can actually see a photo he just took today in Thailand. It’s pretty amazing. His newest show Demons (over in a couple days) looks quite beautiful, and very different from his usual black & white film style.

What I love about this photography is that I really can’t picture myself in any of the places he takes photos. Crack houses, dark alleys of third world countries, strip clubs, on the street in the middle of the hood, etc. I just don’t often venture those kinds of places. So, it intrigues me even more. Well, it mostly makes me sad and scared, but also intrigued. Check out the rest of his work here.


Nicholas Max

I have to give this kid some massive props. Not only for his few works of amazing photography, but for his seamless Photoshop skillz. He is burnin’ the photography scene up! And then some more props for his super fast learning ability. This kid is gona be huge. I just feel it.

At first, I only saw a few shots I was totally into and I almost passed him up on Flickr. But then I saw that he had been only shooting for 5 months. 5 MONTHS. Are you joking me?? And he’s only 17 years old. I hope this isn’t just some spoiled rich kid looking for his next kick, but I guess it doesn’t matter if there’s raw talent involved. And you can’t deny that this isn’t talent. It’s a little hipster and a little easy, but who ever thought a Photoshopped tornado could look so goooood? Damn.

Definitely check the rest of his shit on his tumblr and Flickr and give Nicholas a lil’ shout out. I can’t tell what is his or not on his tumblr, but there’s some cool stuff on there anyways.

P.s. totally digging the square format.


Vins Baratta

These pics are grabbin’ me in a bad way; and I mean that in the best way.

The subjects look like how they actually look and not like they’re just posing for the camera. As if he’d brought the camera up and held it there, aiming at the person for an awkward amount of time until they finally get annoyed and Vins captures the moment of “girl or guy feeling awkward with a photographer.”

Now I’m going to run around and get some pinhole shots, but you be sure to peep his site for even more of these sweet pics.


Andrey & Lili

I love this photography duo. They shoot fabulous fashion editorial right. Every time this Russian couple publishes a new project, I get really excited!

I am pretty picky about my Vogues and my W’s and my Nylons. I just think it all looks the same. It all runs together in a colorful skinny mess. However, fashion photography is kind of great. There’s no rules. Just show the clothes right and make sure the models are pretty and you can do whatever you want. There’s rarely a concept and when there is it’s not political or educational and definitely not trying to make a point. But, in its own way, it is such an amazing art. Who doesn’t like looking at a beautiful woman dressed up (or undressed) in magnificent clothing? It’s purely eye candy. And if you can afford it, just candy.

I do love these guys though because they break the boundaries a bit. They also do really tasteful nudity that is quite peaceful and secure feeling. It’s amazing to see the odd places they take the photography, immersing the models seamlessly into different cultures. Take a look at their portfolio to see many more amazing shots.

Picture 3

Alison Scarpulla

“Professional dreamer and photographer.” This is what Alison calls herself on her Etsy account, where you can purchase wonderful prints of her work or beautifully handpicked vintage items. You can also go to her Shuttermade website, but I would take a peek at her Flickr first. This is where you’ll find the good stuff.

I really haven’t seen much photography that embodies the same feelings that Alison is able to produce. She is quite unique in the fact that (from what I can determine) she uses only film. I wouldn’t be surprised if she develops all on her own either. Double exposures and expired film are her bitch. Her models, who look like they are mostly just the people around her everyday, are persuasive and convincing. Her sets, which looks like they are pretty much just her backyard and the local beach, are mysterious, beautiful, and even creepy. There seems to be a heavy magical influence to most of her photos. Many of the pictures include witch paraphernalia like skulls, tarot cards, cloaked figures, spell-casting hands, etc. They are wonderful. The colors she achieves are quite brilliant and unexpected. I love the ones where the model seems to be interacting with the damaged film. I also enjoy the ones with the little girl and the hooded woman. Those ones especially creep me out. Well, I encourage you to view her Flickr. I guarantee you will look through the whole portfolio.

Cris Benton

One of my favorite things is that Cris got into photography from a practical standpoint; to have photos as visual aids for his lessons at Berkeley where he’s a Professor of Architecture (title is in caps because it is awesome). But he pushed his photography further and developed it into a hobby and has created some truly amazing visuals.

It’s amazing to see the camera set ups that he uses and even more amazing that he builds them himself. Wouldn’t you feel like such a bad ass if you had sewn your own kite and rigged up this harnas for your camera and developed a remote to control the camera from the ground, and after all that, go out  to take beautiful photos?

I was facinated to learn that there’s actually a long history of kite photography and using kites as a tool to provide lift. The city line would be more stunning if there were colorful kites used for lifting on construction sites instead of cranes. Although they would have to be huge to do that sort of heavy lifting and probably blot out the sun which is the last thing we need durring these extended winter freezes. ( maybe you could argue that a heap of huge kite trains would help keep in heat )

Be sure to check out Cris’s flickr where you’re sure to find some gems not found in this post. Just make sure to bring a snack; the man has over 6,000 pics waiting for you