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New Screen Print! Stacey’s Dragon

Our friend, Stacey, has a birthday coming up and I made her a print! It’s a 19×25″ 2-color screen print on 100lb stock—you know it’s French Paper!

‘S’ for ‘Stacey’ seemed simple enough. The dragon’s an Illustration I did with micron, blown up to fit on the poster and I made the type by using a micron to write as tiny as i could, then blowing it up real big like.

I printed a few of just the dragon and a few with the “This city is just too small for you” type (a quote from the book, Mad Science Institute). And now they’re added to our wall of prints making our studio space look awesome!

This was tons of fun to print. We had a few of our friends chill at the studio and we had a healthy amount of vodka flowing around. Once they saw how dope screen printing is, I let them all do a few pulls—everybody remembers their first pull. Next time you’re in Seattle, come print with us. Just be sure to bring lots of sweet sweet hard liquor :)

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Screen Print: Sorry For Your Moss

As mentioned in this post, our boy, Bloomstar, had the genious idea to just print whatever we wanted to get our print process down. So I did a drawing based off of this Kate Moss pic.

She’s a four color, ~9x~10 print on French Paper, 100lb stock, in a run of 19. I did the separations with pencil and once I had the transparencies printed, I locked up in the studio for 8hrs tearing down stock, burning the screen, mixing the ink, and printing. Selena and Bloomstar came around to help out (thank you), and Selena took most of these pics :)

Say you want one in the comments and we’ll get a hold of you.


Free BnB Screen Print!!

To get a limited edition print: be among the first to tell us what we’re gonna be for halloween in the comments, like sunshine, a unicorn, or a heavy/medic pair—first come, first serve until these prints are gone.

A while ago, we kicked off this giveaway on our instagram (@bossnotboss) but we still got some prints left over and want to give one to you since you’re awesome :)

It’s a one color screen print on 100lb French Paper, roughly 6″x8″. It’s an amazing deep grey on slight-cream stock—there’s also an alt print which is black ink on black stock. You know it was hand printed and hand cut with the love of a thousand mother bears.


First Poster Giveaway!

UPDATE – This giveaway is now closed. Don’t be sad, there are more giveaways to come! Thank you to all of you who entered and congratulations to those of you who won a print!

We are giving away a poster to 10 awesome BossnotBossers for free!

The poster is an 18×24, 4 color screen print for the GIVERS Sasquatch! show, Memorial Day weekend. It is an edition of 100, designed by me and printed by the Half & Half.

Here’s how to enter:

•  Leave a comment on this post declaring what you find to be boss & not boss (yes, it can be about anything you want).

This giveaway will close Tues, May 31st. We’re super pumped to read all of your bosses & notbosses!


Upcoming Poster Giveaway!

BossnotBoss will be giving away an amazing 4 color, 18×24 print to 10 amazing readers.

I was asked to design a poster for the GIVERS Sasquatch show on May 30th at the Gorge by my boy, Aaron Bloom. These were printed by the Half and Half and I had extra prints made just for you.

Those of you who follow us on twitter will be notified the night before the giveaway happens so you’ll be able to get a running start on learning how to enter the contest.

This poster will first be shown as part of a collection of many other screen printed beauties for bands at this year’s Sasquatch! Festival. The poster Exhibition & Gala is on May 20th at Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar here in Seattle and you can catch a preview of the posters involved here.

Hope to see you all at the show and I can’t wait to give out some prints to you guys :)

*Thank you, Selena, for helping in the shoot and a huge thank you to the Half and Half. There was very little trapping and they got the registration down with super human precision.