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Girls Mix

Sometimes you just gotta hear the sweet sound of a woman’s voice—so I made a mix just for that :) Here’s a small collection of tracks that I’ve been cranking w some fine ladies bringing up the vocals (and one dude in there, but whatevers)

Blast this mix and you’ll be a better person.

2012 Loops Mix

Finally stopped listening to it long enough to do a post about it. This is a sweet sweet collection of tracks I kept on loop through 2012. Not all the tracks came out in 2012, but they helped get me through the year :)

PS:: for some reason I felt compelled to make an animated GIF w the cover, so here it is; live it up!

Got Together our Ninth Mix For You

I know it’s been a while, but you know we’ve been busy learning and trying new things, and while we’re doing all that learning and trying we’re blasting tracks. So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been cranking the past few months :)

After Mix

I thought to myself, “well it’s Wednesday, the children probably want some tracks.” So here’s a little hand full of what I’ve been crankin’ lately.

She’s a little chill, a little dancey. Crank it, blast it, jam it, bop it; just be sure to have your mimosas on hand and ready.

ps :: got a couple homies on this jam. shouts to Cock & Swan as well as Heart Island :)

I’m Always Looking For The Sun

Selena’s had this mix up her sleeve and she’s FINALLY ready to share it w you. It took some smooth talkin’ and a bit of magic, but here it is. So grab yer sketch book, blast these tracks, and blah!

BnB Mix VI

I know it’s been a long time since we did our last post and I wanted to break the silence with a sweet mix for our sunny sunny days ahead :)

We’ve just been super busy printing in the new studio, so you can also start looking forward to wrapping your wide peepers around a couple post on the Sasquatch posters Selena and I have printed. They’re our first prints out of the new studio and we’re very excited to show you even more!

But for now, take this mix out with you in the park for your mimosa picnic and soak in that sunshine.


Tracks I’ve Kept on Loop (2011)

A more autobiographical playlist than the ‘best songs released this year’ standard. This is a collection of tracks that, durring this past year, I’ve kept on loop cuz I dig on ‘em so well I almost broke my ear-shovels. Water ear-shovels? i dunno, I dig with ‘em.

There are tracks released this past year along side some older goodies that I’ve discovered as my tastes evolve and mature. The previous sentence might be the most boring sentence I’ve ever written….sorry, BossnotBossers.

2011 Mix: Best Albums

Hey kids, here’s your small dose of some of my favorite albums this year. We’ll start off with Austra, givin’ us those crazy vocals and insane beats and end with Washed Out’s warbly, chill sound. Hope this sums up your year just like it has mine.

As for 2012, Bossnotboss looks forward to new changes, new friends, and new experiences. We’re almost ready to start working in our new studio, as it is shaping up to be quite an amazing chill and work zone. Hit us up via the comments or Facebook if you want to kick it in our new space! We are excited to let our friends do some bad-ass printing there with us :)

Happy New Year!


This month’s mix is just a bunch of (mostly) newly acquired sounds by some cool kids. I based the feel of it off of Ladytron’s newest album which is super slick with new beautiful melodies and their classic electronic sound. Mostly lyric-less, which I sometimes enjoy because it helps me clear my head and not think about anything, or think about everything. But either way, I hope you enjoy it!

1. Grom by Moss of Aura
2. Quick Canal (w/Laetitia Sadier) by Atlas Sound
3. Magic Spells by Crystal Castles
4. Driverunserver by Kool DJ Dust
5. Aces High by Ladytron
6. Dark Bloom by Pink Playground
7. Disaronno Brain Feed by Betamaxx
8. Daydream by Youth Lagoon
9. Hours by Tycho
10. Puttgarden by The Embassy
11. Soft by Washed Out

New Mix For Gettin’ Sexy On

BossnotBoss’s 2nd mix is a little more sensual than our last. The Sexy Mix is good for when words just aren’t enough. When body language is the only way of communicating. As though a simple caress carries more meaning with it than any recited sonnet ever could.

These are just a few of my favorite tracks to get it on to but I wanna know what some of yours are. Let us all know in the comments

So go off and get off with your favorite other on this sunny sunshine weekend in the park and put in a gyration for BossnotBoss :)

ps. If a little baby child is conceived to this mix and you decided to keep it, it’s initials have to be BNB, and it’s middle name has to be Not. So it is writen, so are the rules of the mix

pps. Yes, that BnB logo is real hair and makeup ;)