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Stacey Rozich Interview

Presenting Stacey Rozich by BossnotBoss! Ok, so we’re not really presenting her, more like bringing her to your screen and into your room. Wow that sounds creepy, but probably not as creepy as Rozich’s art.

We are lucky enough to know this Seattle illustrator turned designer to snag this amazing bit of film to tell people what she is really all about. You may recognize her style from her recent work in the latest Fleet Foxes video, The Shrine An Argument. So watch this exclusive interview with Rozich and go to her site for more info and show her some mad love!

Fabio Governato Interview

Fabio is an amazing photographer who’s roots lie in rocket science. Yeah, he’s a rocket scientist photographer… I know.

Fabio’s photography seems to carry so much weight with it. The images he captures are more than just a photograph, but a story (and if you’ve been reading bnb, you know I pine for work backed with a storyline or concept).

He was nice enough to let us tag along for one of his shoots as well as travel to a secret island for a little interview for us, and for you! It was tons of fun watching Fabio work and Selena even helped him out a bit by being a human light stand in a paddle boat; something all photographers need at some point or another.

Peep the interview and def be sure to check out more of Fabio’s photography on his site and his blog.

ps. peep a pic of Selena and me at the end of the post :)

SPORTS Interview

Our interview with SPORTS could have lasted forever if we weren’t careful. These three guys are super chill, down to earth, and hilarious.

We all met up at Matt’s (the bassist) apartment, and Ham and I were thinking we’d just ask a handful of simple questions, keep it short and sweet, but we ended up talking with them for almost four hours. Initially I was a bit intimidated, but it ended up being one of those times where, when it was over, you felt as if you’d known them your whole life. Times like that are rare and to meet with three guys who make you feel that way is even rarer.

SPORTS also managed to get all of their gear into the apartment to lay down a couple of beautiful tracks for us, ignoring the agitated poundings of an unreasonable neighbor. There’s clips of the tracks in the interview, but be smart and check out the full performance of ‘Runaway‘ and ‘Prizefighter.’

Peep the entire album here and show some love by grabbing a copy of their cassette tape! You can pack it into your walk-man, clip it to your belt and rollerblade your heart out to it; that’s what I’ll be doing anyways.

(Photo by Hamilton Boyce)

Cock & Swan Interview

Cock and Swan is an amazing two-piece group that seamlessly mixes vocals, electronics, and live instrumentation. The end result is a lush and very distinct sound.

BossnotBoss was allowed into their Bothell studio/ abode where the two practice, record and experiment with a host of sounds and fascinating equipment.

Johnny Goss and Ola Hungerford, who make up Cock and Swan, may seem shy on first impression but once they get going it turns out they have a lot to say. They share with us their unique process for making music as well as what it takes to play a live show as a two-piece electronic band.

Their latest album “Unrecognize” (along with their previous two records) is available on a pay-what-you-want scale with a minimum of just $1. Do yourself a big favor and peep their performance of “Unrecognized,” my favorite, and be sure to show some love and check more music on their site!

They also performed two other tracks for us: Unserious and Walking Up Dandelions, which you would be muy wise to get into your life.

Thousands Interview

When I first met Kristian Garrard in 2007 he played a mind blowing solo set to a handful of people at a Seattle basement show and afterwards told me about how he didn’t have an album and wasn’t really thinking about recording one. Needless to say I was a bit confused. Why would he not want to let us enjoy these angelic tones?

Around the same time he teamed up with Luke Bergman and luckily since then his attitude towards recording has changed and the two of them, known to the world as Thousands, have a full album being released on Bella Union on April 26th in the US and released yesterday in the UK.

Their album, The Sound of Everything, was recorded mostly outdoors in various locations around the Pacific Northwest. Each song captured as a live performance with a Zoom H2 handheld recorder.

We managed to catch up with Kristian and Luke so they could play us some songs and tell BossnotBoss about their music and recording process (and construction cranes falling into skyscrapers). After hanging with Thousands in the woods for a while we slid on down the street and they graced us with a genuinely powerful performance in the same massively echoey stairwell that one of the songs on The Sound of Everything was recorded.

The Sound of Everything feels like Thousands is playing their beautiful songs just for you and you might even feel a little bit lucky to have been there to witness it.

Order The Sound of Everything on Vinyl, CD, or digital download from the Bella Union website.

(photos by Hamilton Boyce, use with permission / videos by Christopher Martin and Hamilton / intro written by Hamilton)

Ian Obermuller Interview

We got a chance to sit down with the talented Ian Obermuller and have him tell us about his new animation series, Self Absorb. Ian talks about his process of developing the story, the music, and the direction he wants to take Self Absorb.

Be sure to get a whole helping of the first episode of Self Absorb on the right and if you really loved it, show some love and help support Ian’s animations.